Dogtra Titanium Comfort Pad | E-Collar Contact Points | K9s With Sensitive Skin

Dogtra Titanium Comfort Pad


SKU: DC-TCP UPC: 644622359049

Low Profile Contact Points | E-Collar Training | Titanium Coated

With four points of contact, the Dogtra Titanium Comfort Pad provides a low-profile alternative to traditional Dogtra E-Collar contact points. The four-point design redistributes the pressure, unique from traditional dual contact points. Additionally, working dogs with sensitive skin may benefit from the favorable titanium finish of the Titanium Comfort Pad.

The Dogtra Titanium Comfort Pad works with most existing Dogtra units. Check your system’s compatibility, before purchasing this item.
Product Features:
  • Low profile design (0.375" height)
  • Four Titanium contact points
  • Two Gold Aluminum plates
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 0.75" x 0.375"
Benefit to Handler:
  • Better stimulation reaction during e-collar training
  • Simple to install on most existing Dogtra units
Benefit to K9:
  • Designed for dogs with sensitive skin
    • Favorable Titanium finish
  • Four Titanium contact points that redistribute the stmulation pressure
Compatible Dogtra Units:

Compatible E-Collar Systems With Dogtra Titanium Enhanced Contact Points

Disclaimer: The Dogtra Pathfinder, Pathfinder Mini and Pathfinder TRX will not be able to accommodate the Titanium Enhanced Contacts.