K9 Spotlight: Jef Verswyvel and Yvar - Ray Allen Manufacturing
K9 Spotlight: Jef Verswyvel and Yvar

K9 Spotlight: Jef Verswyvel and Yvar

Jun 3rd 2022

K9 Spotlight Winner: Jef Verswyvel and Yver

Jef Verswyvel & Yvar
Retired Belgian Army - Dog Enthusiast // Belgian K9

"I’ve always had a big admiration toward dogs. I can’t remember a day in my life when I wasn’t surrounded by a couple of furry friends. They helped me so many times through difficult stages in my life. But most of all they gave me pleasure, sharing many outdoor activities or providing comfort by doing nothing more than just sleeping under my chair.

I have owned all kinds of breeds - from a plain mutt straight out of a shelter, through GSDs, Bulldogs, Blue Heelers and even a 160lb Canadian Timberwolf. As I got older, there was one breed of dog that I admired but never had the time or opportunity to actually own. I’ve always had this mental outlook of saving the best for last, and since I am somewhat semi retired, it was now or never to get the dog I always wanted, an “original“ Belgian Malinois! Some might detect an accent in my writing here, and yes, I am from Belgium originally but, have since became a citizen of the greatest nation in the world, the USA!

So, 4 months ago, through my family in Belgium, I contacted a reputable breeder and had a 5 month old pup shipped to me here in Texas. His name is Yvar Van De Geyshoeve and boy, what a fantastic animal! Smart, agile and dang good looking!

Malinois are a handful, but definitely worth it. As long as you put the time in and take care of them, Malinois are mighty dogs! I did a lot of research on gear and was attracted to Ray Allen by the looks and quality. When I received my order, I was immediately impressed how well made the stuff is. Once put on, Yvar looks like a million bucks and intimidating. He’s 9 months now and both of us will have a great time together. But one thing is for sure, his gear will last a long long time! Cheers!”

Their Gear: Evolution Dog Collar and Kinetic Duty Harness

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K9 Spotlight Winner: Jef Verswyvel and Yver.      K9 Spotlight Winner: Jef Verswyvel and Yver