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K9 Spotlight: Naturich's K9 Finest Daily Supplement

K9 Spotlight: Naturich's K9 Finest Daily Supplement

Sep 28th 2022

When it comes to working dogs, nutrition and wellness are top priorities. No matter the age or health of the dog, they may need an extra boost to perform at their best.

Adding a nutrient-rich dietary supplement into their daily meals can be the key to maintaining a working dog's health and vigor. That is where Naturich's K9 Finest supplements comes into play. Their daily supplement powder was specifically designed to support potential nutritional deficiencies in your dog's diet. The palatable peanut butter flavored supplement gel however, is a quick "on-the-go" solution to provide the added boost your dog may need, when competing or out in the field.

An Ideal Supplement That Promotes Good Health 

All dogs need to eat, but what they eat is just as important. Naturich's K9 Finest Daily Supplement is a fine powder that you put on top of your dog's food. It does not matter whether you feed them dry, wet, or raw food.

When it is feeding time, you will give them 1/4 teaspoon (0.8g) for every 10 pounds of body weight per day. Our dietary supplement is a mix of key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and Amaferm that boost a working dog's long-term vitality and health.

Naturich's product contains all-natural Amaferm, which is a prebiotic scientifically proven to improve the absorption of nutrients often found in a K9's diet, allowing for a complete benefit of their dog food.

Your dogs deserve nutrition that matches the amount of work they put in each day; this supplement will help them keep up with their daily duties as well as recover faster.

Boost Your Working Dog’s Long-Term Health

Naturich's K9 Finest Daily Supplement is specifically made to keep your dog strong and active, even during times of stress. Working dogs need to be able to work a full day, and this product aids in stamina overall, as well as helps them recover faster, which is key on hot days.

Your dog will be healthier from the inside out. The product aids in digestion, which will lead to reduced poop sizes. Dogs who use this product will also reduce gas production because you won’t have the food fermenting in the gut. You will also see increased immunity in your dogs.

Plus, it works to keep their coats healthy, resulting in less shedding. All these benefits will keep your working dogs in good health and have them performing their best each day.

We carry these nutrient supplements because we believe in promoting the health and wellness of working dogs. You can purchase  Naturich's K9 Finest Daily Supplements on the Ray Allen website.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality K9 equipment for hardcore dog handlers and their partners right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for over 70 years.

Our handmade, military-grade equipment is the go-to choice for police officers, military units, dog handlers, and trainers worldwide.

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