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K9 Spotlight: Courtney Wolf of WolfHaus K9

K9 Spotlight: Courtney Wolf of WolfHaus K9

Apr 5th 2023

We always meet a ton of incredible people in the K9 industry when we attend the annual HITS K9 Conference. And whenever possible, we jump at the opportunity to interview these handlers and trainers as part of our K9 Spotlight series.

In this week’s K9 Spotlight video, we sit down with Courtney Wolf, the founder and owner of WolfHaus K9. WolfHaus K9 specializes in dog obedience training, but Courtney has tons of experience with bite training working with our friend Mike Jones.

Watch the video above to learn more about Courtney’s background in the K9 world and find out what his favorite piece of Ray Allen gear is (hint: it’s our Primal Canine Decoy Armor Gauntlets).

You can find Courtney on Instagram under the account @woflhausk9 and learn more about his business at wolfhausk9.com.

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