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K9 Spotlight: K9 Vision System with Tatiana Pereira

K9 Spotlight: K9 Vision System with Tatiana Pereira

Nov 16th 2022

We always love attending the HITS K9 Seminar because we get a chance to see demonstrations of innovative K9 gear. One of the advanced pieces of equipment we got to check out at the 2022 Seminar is the K9 Vision System. K9 Vision System pioneered the camera and communication opportunities for operations with high level K9s, starting over in France.

The idea of the K9 Vision System arose out of an operational need for military special units. Following new training methods that were developed alongside Military Working Dogs, teams were limited to knowing what lied ahead. As a result, T&S Concepts and Morin embarked on a technological mission: to create a solution that would allow handlers to see what their dogs were discovering in real time and providing the ability to deliver orders when they were completely out of sight.

The goal was simple. To develop a high-quality, latency-free video and radio transmission system that would maximize operational capabilities, while also comfortable and unrestricted for K9 partners. In cooperation with various innovators, the "K9 Vision System" was born.

Being able to send a dog blindly into a building on a search is a thing of the past. With the K9 Vision System teams now have the ability to not only see what the dog is doing, but communicate with them as well. This level of tech gives the dog and handler an even greater advantage in the field. With attachments available for both Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles and the K9 Helm Helmet, they are revolutionizing the process of the age-old bond of dog and man, bringing the team to the 21st century.

Building on the success of the system, they hope to continue to help military and law enforcement professionals push the boundaries of K9 operations.

Check out our interview with Tatiana Tatiana Pereira to learn everything there is to know about the K9 Vision System. You can read about the product’s specifications on their website, and follow them on Instagram at @k9visionsystem, to stay up to date on all the latest news.

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