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Icon Air Harness™

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Tactical Dog Harness | Lightweight and Breathable | Mil-Spec Webbing

Police and military K9s that need a durable-yet-breathable dog harness will love the Icon Air Harness™ from Ray Allen Manufacturing! This mesh tactical dog harness for comfort and ventilation and full range of motion in your dog’s legs and chest for high-intensity tracking or search and rescue work. Plus, we included a secure-grip handle on the top for service or other dogs requiring a uniform. Be sure to check out our Thin Blue Line model of this harness if you're a police officer!

Product Features
  • Load rating of 2,000 lbs.
  • Strip of Velcro down the middle allows ID Panels to have full visibility
  • Secondary V-ring toward the front of the harness
  • Ultra-durable GT Cobra buckles 
  • Sizes: Small (Labs, small Mals and small GSD), Medium (Mals and Dutchies), Large (GSD)
Benefits For Handlers
  • Two top handles and a low profile vertical center handle for easy lifting, lowering, and rappelling
  • Distributes your dog’s weight, putting pressure on the straps for a better lift and less pressure on you
  • Compatible with all Ray Allen modular dog harness accessories, like our G-Hook Backpacks and General Purpose Pouches
Benefits For Dogs
  • Chest/belly pad distributes dog’s weight for shifting during tracking or agitation
  • Well-ventilated for deep-chested or thick-coated working dogs susceptible to overheating
  • Comfortable slope from shoulder to mid-rib area does not inhibit running or walking
Harness Sizing: 
  • Small
    • Chest: 16”-22”
    • Girth: 25”-30”
    • Ribs: 24”-29”
  • Medium
    • Chest: 19”-24”
    • Girth: 28”-32”
    • Ribs: 27”-31”
  • Large
    • Chest: 21”-26”
    • Girth: 30”-36”
    • Ribs: 29”-35”
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V-Ring, GT Cobra Buckle
Black, Coyote, Gray, Ranger Green
Molle, Velcro, Handle
Made in USA