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Insertion Harness

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Innovative Design | Mission Ready | Adaptable Fit

The Insertion Harness represents an exceptional leap forward in tactical gear for working dogs and handlers. The result is a product that stands out in the market for its innovative features, superior durability, and unmatched performance. We have (yet again) set a new standard for what operators can expect from their equipment. The Insertion Harness is not just a a tool, but a critical asset designed to enhance the capabilities of K9 teams across various operational landscapes.

Understanding the Assignment

US Special Operations teams experience diverse and challenging environments, requiring gear that is not only reliable but also versatile. The need for a harness that “fits like a glove” yet is adaptable suggests a requirement for high levels of comfort, security, and adjustability. This ensures that the K9 and handler can perform optimally without being hindered by their equipment.

Design Philosophy

The move away from a form-fitting rigid shaped harness addresses a critical limitation in K9 tactical gear. By focusing on adaptability, our approach allows for a broader range of function and better fit across different breeds and sizes of working dogs.

Innovation in Design
  • Removal of zipper: High-end harnesses often include zippers. However, zippers can be points of failure; they can jam, break, or catch fur. In high-stress situations or environments where time is of the essence, these are concerns. By designing a harness that removes this potential point of failure while still maintaining ease of use, we address a specific operational risk.
  • Cross belly "X" strap: Alleviates and displaces the pressure of the straps across the belly and chest, reducing any potential strain on your K9's back during lift or rappel work (with the addition of the Nomad Swiss Seat™ - sold separately). The "X" creates a triangle architecture. This style provides superior loadbearing abilities because each side supports the other two, creating a resilient structure that can bear and distribute the weight remarkably well. 
  • 6 Cobra Buckles: Two 1” Cobra Buckles (front shoulders) provide an easy, over the head "on/off" application, instead of the “step in” option with most other harnesses. Four 1.75" Cobra Buckles are added for reliability, enhancing the overall loadbearing capacity. For example; a single buckle is 18kn, which is rated for 4,000 pounds. 
  • Top "suitcase" handle: A reinforced, tubular webbing handle that not only facilitates easy transport, but also serves as an additional attachment point for carabiners, or rappelling gear. It is anchored to the front V-ring and slides along the traditional rear handle.
Benefits to Handler
  • Adaptable and adjustable for any mission and environment
  • Designed for comfort, function, and reliability
  • Built to withstand the rigors of military deployment
  • Multiple points of attachment for lift-load-carry and rappelling
Benefits to K9
  • Cross belly “X” strap design displaces pressure and improves loadbearing capabilities
  • Durable 1000D Cordura, with breathable mesh for circulation and air flow 
  • Over 16,000 lbs loadbearing capacity, for safe and secure lift and rappel capabilities
  • Comfortable, form-fitting design
Additional Product Features
  • Made of mil-spec breathable mesh and 1000D Cordura
  • 2x 1” Cobra Buckles (front shoulders - ease of "on/off" application)
  • 4x 1.75" cobra buckles (cross belly "X" design - distributes weight and displaces pressure)
  • 3x "V” Rings; bottom V-ring designed to function with Nomad Swiss Seat™ (sold separately)
  • Reinforced suitcase handle, with attachment point for rappelling hardware
  • Ample VELCRO® for morale patches or ID panels
Available Sizes
  • Small
    • Chest: 16”-22”
    • Girth: 25”-30”
    • Ribs: 24”-29”
  • Medium
    • Chest: 19”-24”
    • Girth: 28”-32”
    • Ribs: 27”-31”
  • Large
    • Chest: 21”-26”
    • Girth: 30”-36”
    • Ribs: 29”-35”

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Why The New Design?

If there is one common theme to product development at Ray Allen, it's that we do things differently. And, when we were commissioned to create an innovative, high-end tactical harness, we took on the challenge with that same mindset; let's do it different!

The Insertion Harness is a groundbreaking addition to the tactical gear market, specifically tailored for working dogs that deploy in high-stakes environments. This product stands as a testament to our commitment of innovation, quality, and the specific needs of our clientele, particularly US Special Operations teams. The development of the Insertion Harness was driven by a clear objective; to create a versatile, high-performing tactical harness that not only offers unparalleled fit and comfort for your K9, but also enhances operational efficiency and adaptability when facing adverse conditions and circumstances in the field.

After dozens of iterations, incorporating feedback directly from field tests by those who understand the demands of military working dog handlers firsthand, the Insertion Harness has emerged as the latest in form and function. Unlike traditional high-end working dog harnesses, which are often rigid in their design to fit the exact shape of the dog, the Insertion Harness breaks the mold. Our unique 6 buckle "X" strap design was engineered and incorporated to "fit like a glove" while providing an exceptional balance of form-fitting comfort and flexibility. This adaptability ensures that the harness can be adjusted to suit various environmental conditions and mission requirements, thereby extending its utility across a wide range of operational scenarios.

One of the hallmark features of the Insertion Harness is its departure from conventional design norms found in most high-end working dog harnesses - specifically, the elimination of zippers. While common, zippers can be a point of vulnerability; they can fail, get caught, limit the adaptability of the harness, or take additional time to secure properly. By removing this element, we significantly streamlined the process of preparing your K9 for field deployment. This design choice not only saves precious time, but also reduces potential failure; enhancing reliability when it matters most.

Made in USA
V-Ring, Metal Cobra Buckle
Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, MultiCam, Orange
G-Hooks, MOLLE, VELCRO®, Handle