Opportunity Harness

$84.99 - $89.99
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Benefits for handler:
  • Ability to attach morale patches or reflective strips, or add ID patches for use as a service dog vest or emotional support dog harness
  • Mounted handle along top for lifting/repositioning your dog, or use it to help steady him for heeling exercises, or prior to deployment for ultimate control in emergency situations
  • Also use the handle as an assist harness to help the handler find stability while walking or as something for the handler to hold on to so the dog can guide
Benefits for dog:
  • Padded and contoured for all day comfort
  • Adjustable belly strap ensures harness won’t dig in while dog is moving or working
Product specifications:
  • Chest strap and belly strap are box-stitched together to be one solid, capable piece
  • Ample nylon webbing and 1 ¾” by 8” of Velcro along both sides
  • 3 V-Rings, one on each side and one across the back, creating various attachment points for a lead, or giving the ability to run two tracking lines
  • 3-bar slider adjuster that makes tightening or loosening the harness easy once it is on your dog; no more unsteady fumbling with Velcro to get the perfect fit
  • Fitted with GT Cobra buckles that won’t accidentally unclip if you bump one ear of the buckle, so no fumbling with ‘getting your dog dressed’ and no worries that he will accidentally slip out
  • The belly strap on the harness extends from 28” to 36”, fitting medium-chested dogs like Malinois and Poodles, and deeper-chested dogs like Labradors
  • Comes in Multicam, Ghost grey, black, and coyote

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Harness Comparison Chart

Harness Heat Retention Weight Carrying Lifting Tracking Agitation Pulling Price
Icon Harness 3 4 4 4 3 3 $224.99
Renegade Harness 3 3 3 4 1 3 $139.99
Nomad Harness 3 4 4 4 3 3 $299.99
Kinetic Duty Harness 3 N/A 3 4 3 3 $74.99 - $79.99
Assist Harness 3 4 2 N/A N/A 4 $64.99
CORE Harness 4 N/A 3 4 4 4 $99.99
Opportunity Harness 3 N/A 3 4 3 4 $84.99 - $89.99
Guardian Harness 5 3 3 4 4 3 $99.99 - $115.99
Ultimate Harness 3 5 4 4 3 3 $139.99 - $149.99
Modular LLC Harness 4 4 4 4 3 3 $119.99 - $139.99
Extreme Harness 4 3 3 3 3 2 $89.99
Activ Harness 3 2 3 2 N/A 3 $59.99 - $64.99
Flat Nylon Harness 3 N/A 2 2 1 N/A $44.99
SAR Harness 3 3 3 4 1 3 $74.99
Molle Compatible: Ultimate Harness, Modular LLC Harness, Renegade Harness, Extreme Harness
G-Hook Compatible: Icon Harness, Assist Harness, Guardian Harness, Ultimate Harness, Modular LLC Harness, Flat Nylon Harness
We recommend only the Icon Harness for rappelling. We recommend only the Icon or CORE Harness for carting.
A Removable Breast Pad is optional with: Kinetic Duty Harness, Assist Harness, Opportunity Harness, Guardian Harness,
Ultimate Harness, Modular LLC Harness, Extreme Harness

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  • 4
    Odd fitting but still great harness

    Posted by CZ on May 7th 2020

    This fits my 100lb red nosed (strong & tall, not short/squat) pitbull a little weirdly. The stomach strap fits perfect. But the strap that goes around his chest fits way too long. I mean, I can get it tight, but now there is a long strap hanging off the top of the harness. Long enough that I'm worried it'll catch on something and rip the velcro apart. Otherwise, the buckle on this is very strong, looks like $$$ buckle. And the rest of the harness is a matching strong. My dog has busted three Chinese harnesses built for large dogs (both straps & hooks have busted), while on his 25' dog run. This harness just laughs at him. I'm taking one star off because at this price, we're paying extra for American made strength just like we should be willing to do. We're not getting any discounts here. It's not a fantastic price. So a better fitting product needs to be made at this price range.

  • 5
    Daily workhorse

    Posted by Dan and Captain on Jan 18th 2019

    I use this harness for my 65lb working lab and have been thoroughly impressed. Even after long days tracking or in the field, I've never had issues with hotspots or poor fit (takes a little work to get the straps initially fitted, but I've never had to readjust it since). Pile velcro on the chest started to unstitch after 18 months, but this is completely understandable as this is the highest rub/wear area on the harness. It has aged appropriately for how hard it's used. This hasn't affected the integrity of the harness itself. Please make a SAR orange in the future! Great product and great company with old fashioned customer service!

  • 4
    Nice looking harness and great help with pulling

    Posted by Rita on Jul 2nd 2018

    We bought this harness for our 70+ pound German Shepard/Husky/Malamute mix. He's a solid guy but the harness seems to be too big for him and at times shifts from side to side on his back. Requires frequent adjustments. Other than that, its a great harness and helps control his pulling when going for walks.

  • 5

    Posted by Frank&Ruger on Feb 22nd 2018

    Just received mine for my 110lb, 10 month old Ruger. Love it. Fits great.

  • 5

    Posted by R. on Jun 26th 2017

    Needed to add a big dog harness, I have GSDs ranging in size from 60 lbs females to 105 lbs males. So far fits by 65 lbs female, my 70 lbs female, and 75-80 lbs female. Easy to adjust but seems incredibly sturdy, which isn't an experience I have had with other harnesses in the same price range. Seems like a good sturdy multipurpose harness, sort of hoping it's the last one I need to buy. (But would get a SAR orange one if it came along.)

  • 4
    Great harness

    Posted by Robert on Jun 10th 2017

    Very sturdy with good construction and use of materials. However, it did not come close to fitting my female malinois with a gap of more than 3 inches under her belly with the cobra buckle fully tightened.

  • 5
    Very pleased with this harness

    Posted by Jim on Sep 2nd 2016

    Excellent harness of very high quality. Easy to fit and dog seems to be very comfortable wearing the harness.

  • 5
    Great harness!

    Posted by Ivana on Nov 25th 2014

    Purchased two of those harnesses about one year ago, and this has been the best investment in doggie gear so far! Highest quality and easy to wear! Will never buy another at the normal pet store!

  • 5

    Posted by Stanley Garner on Jan 13th 2014

    The multi-purpose harness is a great harness and has a wide range of adjustment, it fit perfect and continues to, when the dog grows, the dog wears it, as if he doesn't know it's there, very rugged. I recommend this to and dog owner!!!!