Designed For K9 Safety, The Hi-Vis Icon Air Harness™ - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Designed For K9 Safety, The Hi-Vis Icon Air Harness™

Designed For K9 Safety, The Hi-Vis Icon Air Harness™

Aug 30th 2023

The Icon Air Harness™ is one of the most trusted dog harnesses in our line. Our team is proud to announce a new colorway: the Hi-Vis Icon Air Harness™ featuring a custom-designed bright orange color that ensures your dog remains visible, even in low light or adverse weather conditions.

What Is the Icon Air Harness?

Our renowned Icon Air Harness™ is known for its durability, adaptability, and comfort for K9s, especially dogs with thick coats. In fact, it’s one of our picks for the Top 10 Dog Harnesses for 2023!

With a mesh design, the Icon Air Harness™ keeps police and military K9s comfortable while on duty, and it’s perfect for dogs who love the outdoors. So whether you’re on a scenic hike or trekking through the woods during hunting season, you can rest easy knowing that your dog will be cool and comfortable all day long.

But we didn’t just design the Icon Air Harness™ with comfort in mind; we also wanted to ensure that this harness can be adapted for any job. It has three G-hook tab loops on each side to attach G-hook bags, cooling packs, flotation panels, and other accessories.

If you’re doing any rappelling work, be sure to check out the Icon Swiss Seat™ accessory that easily attaches to the top of the harness.

The Icon Air Harness™ also features four GT Cobra buckles, each rated for 500 pounds, so you can easily load and unload your dog before and after you head out for the day. And if you need to attach ID panels or patches to your harness, the Icon Air has you covered with a VELCRO® panel running down the middle of the piece.

Uses for the Hi-Vis Icon Air Harness™

When you think of a hi-vis harness, search and rescue work probably comes to mind first. While that’s definitely a great use case, this harness is great for dog owners who need a harness for off-duty activities, as well.

The bright orange color ensures your dog stays out of harm’s way during hunting season. Hunters aren’t going to misidentify your Husky or Mal for a deer when they’re wearing this harness.

And for all the dog owners who love going on picturesque hikes with their companions, the Hi-Vis Icon Air Harness™ is a must-have! Even if your dog strays away when off leash or while wearing an E-Collar, you’ll easily be able to spot them from a distance.

So whether you’re looking for a hardcore harness for 9 to 5 duties or for weekend fun, pick up the Hi-Vis Icon Air Harness™ today, available only at Ray Allen!

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