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Ray Allen Berry Compliant Belgian Arm Sleeve

Ray Allen Berry Compliant Belgian Arm Sleeve

Mar 30th 2022

Professional dog handlers and trainers know to turn to Ray Allen when they need the highest quality police and military K9 gear. And while we’re known for designing, manufacturing, and selling all sorts of tactical K9 equipment, we’re perhaps best known for our dog bite training gear.

If you’re in the process of bite training a growing K9, be sure to purchase the Berry Compliant Bite Sleeve from Ray Allen.

Perfect For Intermediate Bite Training

The sooner a handler starts building a puppy’s bite drive, the better. Early training with bite sleeves and other types of bite development equipment helps ensure your dogs have a stronger bite as they grow into full-blown police or military K9s.

Getting dogs started early is one of the reasons we invented the Flirt Pole w/ Suede Lure! Be sure to read our blog post if you’d like to learn more about training with this gear. After your young dog masters Flirt Pole training alongside other puppy bite development gear, you’ll need to move them to more in-depth training with more advanced gear. 

But using bite training equipment designed for a full-grown dog just won’t do. In fact, the nylon material used in some adult bite training equipment can damage your puppy’s teeth.

That’s where our Berry Compliant Bite Sleeve comes into play. This piece is made of a high-quality poly-cotton blend designed for puppies ages five months to one year old. When training with this sleeve, your puppy will learn to get a strong grip on multiple contact points on the decoy’s arm without hurting his or her teeth.

Additionally, this bite sleeve features a stitched-in loop on one end, ideal for attaching a leash for bite training without using your decoy’s arm. Looping a leash onto the sleeve can help build your puppy’s bite drive and increase their ability to chase a target, two necessary skills once puppies grow into adult working K9s.

Once your dog does graduate to using a larger bite sleeve, check out our Bite Sleeve Comparison Chart and Hidden Bite Sleeve Comparison Chart to ensure you’re getting the right sleeve for your dog and decoy.

American-Made For Your Protection

As its name suggests, this dog bite sleeve is Berry Compliant, meaning it meets the Department of Defense’s requirements for being American-made. So, there’s no reason to worry about getting a shoddy product manufactured a bazillion miles away that takes months to ship to your front door.

Our strict design and manufacturing standards help keep your decoy safe during training. We even included a handle in the sleeve, allowing your decoy to pull their hand inside for shoulder-to-fingertip protection. Trust us, this comes in handy when training “greener” dogs, as they can get overly excited and lunge at fingers when given the opportunity.

All of that said, no bite sleeve is perfect. For more protection and to prevent bruising, consider purchasing the Ray Allen Leather Gauntlet. Designed to be worn under any bite sleeve, our bite gauntlet is a thick piece of latigo leather that makes it harder for your K9 to rip your decoy to shreds!

Of course, there’s no better way to keep bite training decoys safe than with Ray Allen bite suits. Our dog bite suits are all handmade and Berry Compliant. Rest easy knowing that you’re getting the finest bite training gear made at our facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest-quality, handmade military-grade products for K9 handlers and their dogs right here in America for over 70 years.

We’re proud to be the go-to, most trusted brand for police officers, military units, working dog programs, and K9 handlers and trainers worldwide.

From bite training equipment to muzzles, harnesses, leashes, chew toys, wellness supplies, and more, we do it all. And we do it better than anyone else.