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MOLLE KONG™ Ball Pouch

MOLLE KONG™ Ball Pouch

Sep 29th 2021

The Ray Allen MOLLE KONG™ Ball Pouch is a modular training reward ball pouch designed for use with many reward toys, including the KONG™ product line. This K9 trainer's equipment allows you to keep any of your ball style reward toys at your fingertips.

One of the key features of our MOLLE KONG™ Ball Pouch is its modular multifunctional design. This gives K9 handlers and trainers unlimited options for placing the pouch on their MOLLE compatible gear.

Rapid Deploy And Stow

We custom-designed our MOLLE KONG™ Ball Pouch to be useable for dog handlers and trainers during working sessions. While designed for KONG™ brand ball toys, this pouch is multifunctional, and makes a great storage solution for just about any dog training gear you can fit into it.

We made sure to taper the pouch down toward the front so that it’s easier to access your reward ball right when you need it. Well-placed strips of Velcro let you secure the ball pouch lid-flap in either an open or closed position to easily access or stow your K9 reward.

The lid provides space on either side to get a better grip on the ball so that you can deploy at a moments notice to reward your hard working dog. This extra space also allows you to use our very own  Ray Allen Ball on Rope in addition to the KONG™ Ball With Rope.

The ball pouch also has a tough, flexible ring of plastic woven into it so that it holds itself open. This makes it easy to stow and deploy your KONG™ ball with one hand, ensuring that there’s no fumbling with the pouch. As K9 trainers and handlers ourselves, we know how important it is to keep your eyes on the dog(s), not on your gear.

In other words, the MOLLE KONG™ Ball Pouch works, making it very helpful for trainers, K9 units, and working handlers that need this kind of versatility from their tools.

MOLLE Compatible K9 Working Dog Gear Accessories

The KONG™ Ball Pouch is fully MOLLE compatible and can be used with anything else in the MOLLE line from Ray Allen. The modular design is built around our own MOLLE system of modular tactical gear specifically designed for tactical K9 units and working dogs of all types.

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and is commonly used on load-bearing equipment and backpacks used by the armed forces. MOLLE is a trusted, field-tested line of highly functional military-grade load bearing gear.

K9 trainers and handlers can easily attach, place, move and remove the KONG™ Ball Pouch to whatever compatible gear is needed during training and deployment. The ball pouch works especially well with Ray Allen’s MOLLE harnesses, vests, the  K9 Trainer's Belt, 5.11 backpacks, and other tactical gear.

This innovative design makes the ball pouch that much more useable for handlers and trainers during training sessions, and even after a long day on patrol.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen is the world’s leading manufacturer of K9 tactical dog gear and training accessories. We specialize in the world’s highest-quality, handmade leather products for K9 handlers and their dogs, from leather dog leashes and harness, to muzzles, bite sleeves and more.

With generations of dog training and handling experience, Ray Allen Manufacturing has been designing and hand-crafting the best K9 and working dog gear for 70+ years. From expert-level knowledge and advice to the highest quality K9 tactical equipment, no matter what your working dog program needs, Ray Allen has you covered.