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K9 Trainer's Belt And Belt Loop Quick Release

K9 Trainer's Belt And Belt Loop Quick Release

Aug 18th 2021

The Ray Allen K9 Trainer’s Belt is designed specifically for K9 trainers with a variety of utility functions and features every working dog trainer will appreciate.

The K9 Trainer’s Belt features a heavy-duty ADF buckle that is extremely secure and won’t release unless you want it to. Made from a T13 MilSpec webbing, this durable, ultra-strong, military-grade tactical weave can handle just about anything you and your hardcore K9 training program can throw at it.

The entire interior wall of the belt is lined with VELCRO®, not only making it highly adjustable to fit any size but also holds down any excess material that folds down and under the belt. With normal belts this excess material can get in the way, but not with the K9 Trainer’s Belt! This ensures a comfortable, perfectly sized fit for everyone.

Belt Loop Quick Release Modular Attachment

Available in a variety of sizes, this must-have K9 tactical trainer’s belt comes with a snap-retainer and a solid metal V-ring, allowing you to easily connect a training leash or other clip-on piece of gear. Use the snap-retainer to keep the V-ring tightly secured against the belt when not in use.

This belt is designed to be used with an ever-expanding line of modular accessories, perfectly suited to any K9 trainer’s tactical dog program.

Among the newest features is the Belt Loop Quick Release attachment accessory. Made from the same T13 Mil-Spec Webbing material as the K9 Trainer’s Belt, the quick release belt loop allows trainers to easily connect it to a dog leash so they can go hands-free, allowing for rapid deployment training. Just pull the rip-cord and deploy your dog in an instant.

Other custom-designed accessories include the Ray Allen Small General Purpose Pouch, Bait Pouch, and the Molle Kong Ball Pouch.

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Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen is the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical dog gear and training accessories. We are built on generations of K9 working dog experience and have been providing high-quality, industry-leading K9 gear for 70+ years.

No matter what your K9 training program needs, Ray Allen is your source for the most durable K9 equipment.