KONG™ with Rope | Fetch & Tug Dog Toy | KONG K9 Reward

KONG™ with Rope

Ray Allen Manufacturing


KONG™ with Rope | Fetch & Tug Dog Toy | KONG

The KONG™ with Rope is an exciting dog toy that combines a large KONG™ toy with a 3/8" rope handle that measures approximately 6" in length. The rope is durable enough to withstand tugging without detaching from the KONG™ toy, and allows you to play with your dog without getting your hands dirty or slobbery. This toy fits great inside of our Molle KONG Ball Pouch (sold separately).

The KONG™ with Rope comes in three different colors. Choose between Red Classic KONG™ style, the Black Extreme KONG™ style for the toughest of chewers, or the durable Blue Radiopaque KONG™ which shows up on x-rays in case your dog ingests a piece of the toy.

Have a dog who loves the water? Check out our KONG™ Aqua, designed specifically for fetch in lakes or pools!

Product Features:
  • Durable rope piece keeps hands from getting slobbery or dirty and makes it easier to throw
  • Durable rope that won’t detach from the toy
  • Blue Radiopaque toy shows up clearly on x-rays if ingested by your dog
  • Rope handle measures 6" in length approximately
Black, Blue, Red
Made in USA