Variocage MultiCage | Crash-tested - Ray Allen Manufacturing

Variocage MultiCage

4x4 North America

$1,029.99 - $1,629.99

Heavy duty dog crate | Crash-tested | 4x4 North America

Benefits for handler:
  • MultiCage has been designed to be as flexible as possible, with solutions that work both in your daily life and your professional life
  • Easy and fast to install
Benefits for dog:
  • 360° Safety - the Vario MultiCage has undergone rigorous crash tests at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden - travel knowing your K9 is safe
  • Cage crash tests have been adapted to the cage size and load (large dog cage, medium dog cage, small dog cage)
  • Robust construction - can withstand massive impact from all directions - 360°; perfect for police dog in cruisers or military units, or ex police dogs needing a secure cage
Product features:
  • The single MultiCage comes with one door and one fixed back cover
  • The double Multicage comes with a door on both ends and can be divided into two spaces with a removable partition wall
  • Built-in retractable carrying handles
  • Quick fastening ratchet straps for installation
  • Ability to connect MultiCages together

    Brackets for connecting MultiCages together are sold separately
Measurement Inside

Single Large- Length 28.7"x Width 24"x Height 24"
Single XLarge- Length 34.6"x Width 29.3"x Height 29.5"
Double Large- Length 42.1"x Width 24"x Height 24"
Double XLarge- Length 48.0"x Width 29.3"x Height 29.5"

Measurement Outside

Single Large- Length 31.1"x Width 27.8"x Height 24"
Single XLarge- Length 37"x Width 33.1"x Height 29.5"
Double Large- Length 47.2"x Width 27.8"x Height 24"
Double XLarge- Length 53.1"x Width 33.1"x Height 29.5"