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MIM Safe VarioBarrier

4x4 North America

$284.99 - $379.99
SKU: VC520-P

MIM Safe VarioBarrier | Easy Install & Crash-Tested | 4x4 North America

The only crash tested universal cargo barrier in the world!

Benefits for handler:
  • Designed for the safety of passengers traveling in your vehicle - use in police cruisers or personal vehicles
  • Barrier keeps pets, gun dogs, or police dogs in the back from distracting the driver or from becoming a projectile in an accident
  • Easy to install — no additional tools or alterations to the car are needed
Benefits for dogs:
  • Crash-tested; creates a safe and secure containment area
  • Helps dogs sit quietly and aren’t a danger to themselves or the driver
Product features:
  • Fits most vehicles equipped with load anchors and a flat floor
  • Adjustable height and width
Available in 3 sizes:

Small - 31.5 - 57.7” width by 26.4 - 37.6” height
Medium - 31.5 - 57.7” width by 31.5 - 42.7” height
Large - 37 - 63.2” width by 37.2 - 52.9” height

Please refer to the Car Sizing Guide to determine your needed size.