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Ray Allen Pinch Collar

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: N424-P

K9 Prong Collar | Dog Training Gear | Quick-Release Functionality

Correct undesirable behavior in an instant with the Ray Allen Pinch Collar. These dog training collars are made of chrome-plated steel links connected to tubular nylon bands that fasten with a quick-release zinc buckle. The basic collar includes a strong nickel-plated welded-wire D-ring for lead attachment, and the training collar includes the same D-ring along with a slide loop with rings for additional correction. Purchase additional pinch collar links to meet the needs of your growing working dog. 

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  • Rugged design intended to last for years without fail
  • Additional links make it easy to size the collar up or down as needed
Benefits For Handlers
  • Quickly correct pulling or tugging when K9s are on their leads 
  • Easy on/off functionality is ideal for working with multiple K9s
Benefits For Dogs
  • Harmless behavioral correction with fantastic results
  • Relaxes when pups don’t pull for a comfortable walk
Chrome, Nickel
D-Ring, Metal Buckle
Nylon, Steel
Made in USA