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J&J Mini Pinch Collar

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Miniature Prong Collar | Puppy Obedience Training Tool | Stainless Steel Construction

The J&J Mini Pinch Collar was made in response to the request of our K9 trainers. At 50% the size of our normal German-made pinch collars, the J&J Mini Pinch Collar is a must-have collar for puppy training. This K9 training collar is composed of 10 removable links to perfectly fit the size of your young puppy. It’s designed to gently correct undesired behavior without choking or injuring your future working dog. 

Additional pinch collar links are also available to increase the neck size as your K9 grows. We designed this pinch collar for dogs to put the finishing touches on K9 training. For heavy corrections, check out the Ray Allen Pinch Collar.  

Check out our prong collar comparison blog and video to see this the J&J Mini Pinch Collar in a detailed review

Note: To avoid the collar flipping, ensure that it fits properly on your dog. 

  • Durable construction designed to last through puppyhood 
  • Removable links ensure a perfect fit
  • Each link is 1.6mm and ¾” long 
Benefits For Handlers:
  • Ideal for all sorts of obedience training
  • Links are easy to add or remove as needed 
Benefits For Dogs:
  • Corrects behavior without causing harm to your dog’s neck
  • Safely encourages and reinforces positive behavior
Stainless Steel
Made in USA