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J&J Clicker

J&J Dog Supplies

$2.99 - $100.00
SKU: PM100-P

Dog Training Tool | Effectively Reinforces Positive Behaviors | Small and Convenient Size

The J&J Clicker is a durable tool used in clicker training for dogs as a secondary reinforcer. The clicker can be used as a signal for your dog to exhibit the desired action, with a reward to follow after the click. Store your reward treats in the Ray Allen Bait Pouch for even more effective and efficient K9 training! 

  • Loud enough to hear from several feet away
  • Easy-to-use design 
Benefits For Handlers
  • Small size fits in the pocket of your K9 trainer pants 
  • Available in large quantities for the whole K9 unit  
Benefits For Dogs
  • Working dogs love hearing the click because they know a reward will follow
Blue, White
Made in USA