Ok, Old Man! - Matt Wilson's Response to The Jaded Dog Trainer - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Ok, Old Man! - Matt Wilson's Response to The Jaded Dog Trainer

Ok, Old Man! - Matt Wilson's Response to The Jaded Dog Trainer

Jun 21st 2023

A few weeks ago, our very old friend, The Jaded Dog Trainer, came out with another rant about today’s dog trainers. He was upset (as he usually is) that Millennial trainers think they know everything about K9s and K9 training. When, in actuality, the way we train dogs hasn’t changed much since the dawn of civilization. WE just have better access to a wider range of information than ever before!

If you thought that Matt Wilson was just going to listen to that rant without a rebuttal, think again! Sure, practices that were first written in a 1934 training book by Col. Konrad Most are still used today. And we still sell a lot of the same training gear today that we sold in 1948 when Ray Allen Manufacturing was established.

But what the old man doesn’t understand is that we now have an infinite supply of information at our fingertips, thanks to the Internet. And we’re constantly inventing brand-new badass training gear, like The Dog Trainer Fanny Pack.

In Matt’s response video, he argues that the resources we have available today make all dog trainers better at their jobs since they have quick access to learn more about the trade. Plus, we easily Facetime other trainers across the globe to get their thoughts and insights on any topic!

We hope you enjoy Matt’s video, and we’re sure we’ll hear back from The Jaded Dog Trainer soon. Because, after all, he’s not exactly the type of guy who takes any criticism of his videos lightly.

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