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Nomad I.H.S. Ballistic Body™ Dog Vest

Nomad I.H.S. Ballistic Body™ Dog Vest

Sep 2nd 2020

Ray Allen's Nomad Ballistic Body™ kills two birds with one stone: it functions as a modular harness with outstanding protection, and it seamlessly fits our interchangeable harness system as an essential piece of warrior gear.

The Ballistic Carrier fits right onto our Nomad Base Harness and comes as a Level II vest, Level III-A vest, or stab plates. All can be easily swapped in and out to customize the ballistic panels so your dog is ready to work as soon as he’s suited up.

This vest is built so your dog can still have his full range of movement. We hear complaints all the time from military trainers and police handlers that lower-quality or knockoff patrol harnesses dig into a dog’s chest and either rub him raw or cut off circulation. With the weight spread easily and expanded side protection and coverage of organs depending on threat level, if you are working in a correctional facility or high-risk stab situation you know your dog will get the job done unscathed, inside and out. And the best part is, the attachments- from the D-Rings, to the hardware, to the stab panels- are incredibly lightweight, so your dog won’t be weighed down and as he laughs in the face of anyone wielding a shank.

Ray Allen crafted these pieces to make the handler’s life easier too. Why go out and buy two vests, a whole wardrobe of patrol harnesses, or a clunky set of extra plates when you can just unclip and VELCRO® on what you need in seconds. Ray Allen makes all of its Nomad gear with the attachments, leash hooks, and D-rings in the same place, every time , on every harness- no user manual needed.

Just one single base frame and the ability to customize will keep your tough dog looking slick and working hard. Built for even the baddest police and military dogs.