Nomad Dog Harness™ - Adapt to the Mission | Interchangeable Harness System - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Nomad Dog Harness™ - Adapt to the Mission | Interchangeable Harness System

Nomad Dog Harness™ - Adapt to the Mission | Interchangeable Harness System

Sep 30th 2020

Ray Allen Manufacturing's Nomad Harness Frame™ is the skeleton, and centerpiece, of our patent pending Interchangeable Harness System (I.H.S.). We designed the I.H.S. with functionality in mind, and it's become the most versatile dog harness system on the market. We’ve made it incredibly easy to have a complete set of gear for any mission, starting with one base frame for all your working dog’s needs.

Sentry, scout, and patrol dogs can rock a Nomad Harness with a Ballistics Body for full protection on duty. Available in NIJ compliant type 2 and type 3 a-performance, or with stab plates to cover your dog's sides and vital organs, the body is still sleek enough that he won’t be weighed down. Also widely used by Patrol Drug Detector Dog handlers and those working in correctional facilities where these dogs are prepared for aggressive behavior or unexpected attacks during a raid or cell extraction.

Hook the Nomad frame up to the Woobie Jacket Body for K9s standing guard or waiting outside foxholes in cold or rain, or for perimeter patrol or guard work outside under extreme changes in weather conditions.

Dogs on Helo missions and MEDEVAC will benefit from the Swiss Seat Body for hoisting and deployment from the air, and SAR dogs can strap in for ziplining or rappelling rescue missions in remote or mountainous areas.

Use the Skid Plate Body for gun dogs or during tracking missions for underside protection against brush, branches or other hazards while running in deep forest or through uncertain urban terrain.

With MOLLE paneling and VELCRO® down the sides of this harness base, your tactical K9 can help you carry gear or supplies to posts or campsites, or to retain evidence or other items in customs or on patrol, or proudly show identification or morale patches.

All harnesses come with Ray Allen tested-and-approved heavy duty hardware, like Austri Alpine Cobra buckles and stainless steel D-rings for running lines, straps, etc. The Nomad Harness system is meant to be economical for the handler and fully customizable for any mission. All Nomad bodies fit one Nomad frame with the attachments, leash hooks, and D-rings in the same place, every time, on every harness, no user manual needed and no learning curve.

You and your dog will know what to expect and be suited up, ready to take on anything with the Nomad Interchangeable Harness System.