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A New Look At The Classic KONG™ Toy For Dogs

A New Look At The Classic KONG™ Toy For Dogs

May 19th 2021

KONG™ is a Colorado-based company that's been around for a long time, and their products are 100% made in the USA. These dog toys are made from rubber and come in a variety of hardness levels, so you can get the right KONG™ for the intensity of your chewer.

Available in a variety of sizes, KONG™ toys range from key chain-sized to pretty darn big. We carry a lot of different KONG™ brand products but trust us when we say the KONG™ Classic is where it’s at.

The Classic is a bit softer, so not for super hard chewers. We also carry the black KONG™ Extreme version which is made of a harder rubber and great for both K9 training and tough chewers.

At Ray Allen, we’ve even added an optional rope handle that you can get with your KONG™ to make the toy even more versatile for play and training. It’s attached to the toy really well and makes a solid tug toy.

Highly Interactive Dog Toys

One of the really interesting things about these toys is that you can stuff them with treats and utilize them as a reward that your dog will love. KONG™ actually makes a dog-safe liver-flavored spray and a peanut butter squeeze tube that can be injected into the center of your KONG™, for fast and easy fun-filled reward.

In fact, you can stuff them full of pretty much any kind of dog treat that will fit into the hole. This is great for mental stimulation and problem-solving while also being a game for your K9. Stuff the ball right and your dog will work hard to get the rewarding treat inside. Making it difficult to get it all at once will give your dog plenty of stimulation; to play and process the most effective way to get to the reward that lies inside.

Dynamic Shape For Unpredictable Bouncing

One of the best things about KONG™ is their classic design. Easily recognized for its unique shape, it’s iconic as an oddly-shaped toy. Not only is this great for chewing and bite development, but it makes for a highly unpredictable bounce unlike traditional dog toy balls, that really challenges a dog, especially young dogs in training.

When you throw this KONG™ and it hits different surfaces and parts of the toy itself, it bounces in different directions. This helps to teach the dog to anticipate unpredictability while also developing their agility and eye-mouth coordination.

KONG™ toys actually help to get your dog more comfortable using their eyes to target something that's moving in randomized directions, while simultaneously maneuvering their body to catch up with it.

We love that this toy is so unpredictable when it's thrown because it makes such a great training tool. We know K9 handlers work hard to develop their dogs to get used to that kind of unpredictability. The variety of KONG™ toys do exactly that while also improving eye-mouth coordination, and even work on bite development!

The KONG™ Company has been around for nearly 50 years, continually innovating and manufacturing excellent toys for dogs. If you don’t have a KONG™ toy yet, you should get your hands on a few! We proudly offer a wide variety of KONG™ products at Ray Allen Manufacturing.