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Imitators Knocked Off Our Harness!

Imitators Knocked Off Our Harness!

Nov 30th 2022

As one of the premier dog gear manufacturers, we’re used to dealing with competitors who want to be us. What we’re not used to, though, is seeing retailers on Amazon selling cheap knockoff versions of our products!

Unfortunately, we recently stumbled upon an Amazon retailer selling a knockoff of our patented Icon Air Harness. The only problem is that they didn’t do a very good job of recreating it and they are using photos of our dogs in our product, giving the impression their product is the harness in the photos - however, it is not!

In this week’s YouTube video, we show you the inferior components of the harness knockoff, like low-quality MOLLE, fake AustriAlpin GT Cobra Buckles, flimsy VELCRO®, s****y stitching, and much more. Apologies in advance for the swearing; we’re obviously very passionate about this subject.

We hope that you enjoy the video and understand that the only way to trust that you’re getting genuine, American-made Ray Allen Manufacturing equipment is to buy it at

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