Belgian Arm Sleeves: The Stepping Stones to Full Bite Suit Training - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Belgian Arm Sleeves: The Stepping Stones to Full Bite Suit Training

Belgian Arm Sleeves: The Stepping Stones to Full Bite Suit Training

Jan 27th 2021

The Belgian Arm Sleeves (9602) from Ray Allen Manufacturing are a series of high quality K9 bite training equipment that are paramount in transitioning your canine from sleeves to full body suits. They are available in three different tiers, denoted by their color:

  • 9602A - The Black Belgian Arm Sleeve is our Basic model and is lightly padded for young or soft biting puppies.
  • 9602B - The Blue Belgian Arm Sleeve is our Intermediate model, and features more padding for canines already familiar with arm sleeve training.
  • 9602C - The Red Belgian Arm Sleeve is our Advanced model. The final transitional piece from a sleeve to a bite suit, it features the most padding out of the three options, demanding a wider bite from the dog.

All three of these sleeves are made out of our advanced Syntek bite suit material for a long lifespan of use. Although each model differs in padding, each functions the same way.

They feature two handles, one by the shoulder hole and one by the wrist hole. You can grab the sleeve at either end to accurately target the dog’s bites, or put your arm through the sleeve and grab the wrist handle for forearm or outside arm bites that a traditional bite sleeve provides. When wearing the sleeve, you can turn it over to access the shoulder handle. When used in conjunction with the wrist handle, you’ll get a tighter sleeve fit, perfect for bicep bites.

The shoulder handle is also a great leash attachment point. This allows the handler to let the K9 take the sleeve off of them, distancing themselves from the equipment and allowing for drive to build. It is important to remember that you never want to attach a leash to the handle with the buckle, as this could harm the dog. Instead, loop the leash handle through the shoulder handle on the sleeve, then loop the leash clip through the leash handle.

Ray Allen Manufacturing has you covered on all of your dog training needs, whether it’s for personal protection or police and military work. You can learn more about beginning bite development with a puppy here, read our bite suit buyers guide, or shop now .