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Backwoods Destructive Testing: Biothane Dog Leads

Backwoods Destructive Testing: Biothane Dog Leads

Aug 1st 2020

This week, we let Ray Allen’s resident product tester Matt experiment on some of our toughest biothane, waterproof, leather-alternative leashes. But instead of controlled durability testing through research and development, we let Matt shoot at the leashes with birdshot and rip them apart with a winch.

Matt started his day by trapshooting one of our classic red biothane leads. He knotted up the leash for better surface area and went to town. He achieved good, solid impact, but due to the impenetrable nature of biothane material, the pellets did not make any actual holes.

After weakening the leash, Matt tested to see how the damage impaired its tow strength by attaching the leash to a trailer hitch and dragging a haybale. Only when Matt upped the acceleration on his truck did the leash snap; and it only broke at the points where it was frayed by the pellets.

Next, Matt selected some choice biothane leads to be tied to a winch and a load cell to see how they could withstand extreme pressure.

First up was the Ray Allen 1/4" biothane leash, load rated at 250 lbs. per 1/4” inch, this durable leash is stitched with brass bolt snap and its hardware is load rated at 500 lbs.

After a fair amount of tugging, our 1/4" leash broke at its bolt snap at an amazing 515 lbs. of pressure, with all of the webbing and stitching intact. This is just a testament of the quality of these totally U.S.-made products.

Next, Matt preyed upon our 3/8" biothane leash, also stitched and riveted with 1” stainless steel bolt snap. This leash is supposedly load-rated at 600 lbs., but after Matt’s pull test the leash broke at 1,032 lbs.!

Thirdly, Matt turned his sights to our more substantial 3/8" biothane lead, load rated at 750 lbs. After a ton of tension and a lot of suspense, the lead tore apart through its webbing at the brass snap at an unprecedented 1,274 lbs. of pressure.

Finally, Matt tried out our lightest and most flexible biothane lead, the 3/4" foam lead, injected with air to keep its bulk and weight in check. Originally load rated at 750 lbs., this “little” guy held out until 1,240 lbs., shattering its brass hardware into shrapnel.

Ray Allen stands by its selection of biothane leads and leashes. Impervious to water and ice, slip-proof, rip-proof, waterproof and mildew-resistant, biothane can also combat a firing squad and being drawn and quartered. If you’re looking for the best leash for your dog; Ray Allen biothane leads are the obvious choice!

We can’t wait to see what Matt destroys next in the name of quality!

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