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RAM-Tech Biothane Leashes- Extreme Leashes for Extreme Dogs

RAM-Tech Biothane Leashes- Extreme Leashes for Extreme Dogs

Jul 14th 2020

If you and your dog are out in extreme conditions, be it hunting, tracking, or any kind of outdoor work, our RAM-Tech Biothane Leads & Leashes are the way to go. More durable than leather, they hold up to humidity and heat, immersion into swampy or muddy areas, and being dragged through brush and rough terrain without tearing, cracking, or losing integrity.

There are many benefits to using a biothane leash. Dogs that gravitate to using traditional leather or nylon leashes as a chew toy or get mouthy with their leash will be deterred, as biothane does not give off that appealing scent of cowhide, and the material is virtually indestructible.

In fact, these leashes are scent-free. If your lab or spaniel has been out swimming or up to his neck in mud all day, that “wet dog” smell won’t linger on this PVC-coated material, and they are resistant to mildew and the ‘slimy’ feeling that wet leather or nylon leashes can retain. They are not slippery when wet.

Because the RAM-Tech leashes are nylon-core, PVC-coated, they have superior grip in a trainer’s hands. We recommend using them as a patrol leash, because their feel and strength are great for holding your K9 back before you need to release him quickly for agitation work. Our Super Grip Biothane Leashes have knotting built in so they will not burn your hands, and Ray Allen makes a type of biothane leash with a rounded design that will not get caught in trees or bushes as your dog runs, and they come in bright orange for visibility in wooded areas.

We also make an MWD Leash that is a touch stiffer than the traditional biothane, and constructed from a foamed material with air injected into the PVC, making it more lightweight and much tackier upon handling. A trainer can ball these up and keep them in a vest or back pocket for quick control without the bulk.

The tensile strength on our RAM-Tech leashes is rated at 250 lbs. for every quarter inch of material:

  • ¼” leash rated at 250 lbs.
  • ½” leash rated at 500 lbs.
  • ¾” leash rated at 700 lbs.

Depending on the nature of the work your dog will be doing and the size of your dog, you can choose the width accordingly.
(Learn about the RAM-Tech strength ratings at 0:45.)

We finish these leashes with either simple stitching or stitched with rivets. On our thinner leashes, the stitching weaves between the nylon fibers when the leash is sewn, retaining its tensile strength, whereas a rivet would degrade the strength by separating the fibers on a thinner surface area. Our ½” and ¾” leashes retain a cushion of webbing around the rivet.
(See the RAM-Tech hardware at 1:41.)

We outfit our leashes with two types of hardware: stainless steel- loaded at 600 lbs., and brass- loaded at 500 lbs. to match the load rating of the webbing itself.

Our leashes come in any size you could possibly need, from a 2 foot traffic lead to keep in your cargo pocket as a backup, all the way up to 33 foot tracking lines.

If you are looking for a synthetic leather alternative leash or just an all-around strong, durable lead, RAM-Tech Biothane Leashes are right for the job. 

You can learn more about biothane leashes (and all of your other leash options) by reading Ray Allen's Ultimate Guide to Dog Leashes, Leads & Lines


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