RAM-Tech Leather Alternative Long Line

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$24.99 - $48.99

Our RAM-Tech leather alternative requires absolutely no maintenance. Durable and totally waterproof, these long lines can be used in any weather and over any terrain. Offered in 1/2" and 3/4" wide and possesses 500 pounds tensile strength. Full length measures 10 meters.

With the same quality and features found in the original black RAM-Tech leads and lines, the high-visibility orange adds the often needed, "high-visibility". Tired of losing leads and lines out in the field where they could be right under your nose but too difficult to see? Maybe this, seemingly glowing, orange will help eliminate that frustration. Made with the same RAM-Tech biothane all-weather material that makes these leads so popular among handlers, it requires no maintenance, resists stickers and thorns and is totally waterproof. Also Available in Sure Grip.