US Flag Mini Patch - Ray Allen Manufacturing

US Flag Mini Patch

Mil Spec Monkey

$3.49 - $3.99

K9 American Flag Patches | Easy to Clean | Made in the USA

Display your American pride with US Flag Mini Patches from Ray Allen Manufacturing. These patches easily attach to the Ray Allen Manufacturing E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar, Icon Harness™, or any other Ray Allen K9 gear. Made from durable materials, the American flag patch will stay on and retain its color for years. 

  • Choose between embroidered or PVC material  
  • Embroidered patches are either 2” x 1” (short size) or 3.5” x 1.9” (regular size)
  • PVC patches are either 2” x 1.1” (short size) or 3.42 x 2” (regular size) 
Benefits For Handler
  • Several color options to match your K9’s collar or harness
  • Color won’t fade even after multiple washes or years of use
  • Vivid colors make it easy to spot your K9
Benefits For K9
  • Best-looking dogs in the unit
ACU Dark, ACU Light, Desert, Forest, Full Color, Gray, Multicam, SWAT
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