Ray Allen K9 Flag Patch | 3" Embroidered K9 Patch | Hook & Loop Patch

Ray Allen K9 Flag Patch

Ray Allen Manufacturing


Woven K9 Patch | 3" Square | Ray Allen Exclusive Design

Due to the popularity of our limited edition t-shirt series, we're introducing patches and decals featuring each of our unique designs. If you missed out on the t-shirt, you can now get the Ray Allen K9 Flag design as a 3" patch, 4" decal, or combo set. This is your chance to start your Ray Allen collection! More exclusive designs to come.

The hook and loop backing on the Ray Allen K9 Patch allows it to firmly stick on most Ray Allen Manufacturing dog collars, harnesses, tactical gear bags, vests, or any other equipment with hook and loop.

Product Features
  • Woven patch features hook and loop sewn on back
  • Merrowed edge stitching for durability
  • Measures 3" square
  • Multi-color stitching design
Exclusive Designs
Hook & Loop
Thin Blue Line