Ultimate Padded Leather Collar with Handle

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$39.99 - $49.99

Gorgeous | Hand-crafted leather dog collar | perfect for tracking or agitation work

The new agitation dog collar is made from latigo leather with an amazing, breathable pad underneath that doesn’t collect dog hair and protects your K9’s neck during tracking, agitation or daily use. Features a mil spec “V” ring for connecting your leash.
Comfortable for an “even pull”:

  • Made from weatherproof 10 oz. latigo leather

  • Form-fits to dog for ultimate comfort

  • Stylish, available in black and burgundy

  • Padded rubber box-stitched along inside; breathable material evenly distributes pull weight when the handler exerts tension to keep dog’s nose in the scent zone 

Great control:

  • When dog loads forward, collars pulls flat and doesn’t twist

  • D-ring adjustable to run leash down your dog’s front and between his legs, or evenly across his back

  • Looped in handle for extra control

Adjustable; two sizes:

  • Our 20” collar fits a dog’s neck between 16”-21”

  • Our 24” collar fits a dog’s neck between 21”-26” (Fits most Malinois, German Shepherds, and larger working dogs)


 Collar also available in non-handled version.