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Premier Canine System with Bail Out

Premier K9

Police dog “door-popper” system | Prevents overheating in vehicle

This advanced door opening and temperature monitoring system keeps your K9 safe from extreme temperatures and keeps officers safe from extreme encounters. Use with Dodge, Ford, or GM SUVs or sedans.

Benefits for handler:
  • One-button door release- get your partner to you in seconds
  • Bail Out System unlocks, unlatches, pushes and holds open vehicle door when deployed
  • One button remote deployment (recessed leather holster included for safety, no accidental deployments)
  • Dual Temperature Sensors to measure alert temperature, eliminating false alerts
  • Adjustable back-light for improved visual day or night
  • One year manufacturer warranty
Benefits for dog:
  • Monitors vehicle temperature and triggers multiple alarms in the event the adjustable set point temperature threshold is exceeded
  • Activates Window Drop (left, right, both or none), Alarm Mode (horns, lights, both or none)
  • Automatically turns on fan at high-speed during alert (fan installation is optional)
  • System continues to operate if one sensor fails, but warns of failed sensor (system alerts if both sensors fail)
Product Features:
  • Monitors and displays vehicle battery voltage
  • Multi-purpose auxiliary alert input for use with an external device such as smoke/carbon monoxide detector
  • Manual override control of OPTIONAL variable fan speed
  • Articulating mount included; for secure anchor on dash or other flat surface
  • Programmable auxiliary output for use with external alert devices/accessories
  • Park/Neutral input disables deployment system when vehicle is in gear
  • Strong 50 lb Gas Push Rod
  • Durable 40 lb Unlatch Solenoid

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