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Intermediate Sleeve and Cuff

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$54.99 - $134.99
SKU: 23C-P
Better decoy protection | Encouraging puppy training tool

Referred to as the Intermediate Sleeve because it accommodates the increase in power and drive as your puppy grows into a young dog.

Benefits for handler:
  • Provides additional protection for the wearer
  • This model is very popular with police trainers
  • The jute cuff- made for the Intermediate Sleeve- saves you money by extending the life of the sleeve
  • Ambidextrous
Benefits for dog:
  • Forms its own bite bar
  • Teaches dog to bite more confidently- requires the mouth to open a bit farther
  • In addition to this sleeve, look at our Padded Leather Gauntlet when your puppy's bite really starts to mature
Product Features:
  • ***Cuff and Sleeve are sold separately.***
  • 23C - Sleeve 24C - Cuff for the 23C

NSN 8415-01122-0678 for 23C

Leather, Jute
Made in USA