Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech Sport Stainless Steel Collar with ClicLock Buckle

Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech Sport Stainless Steel Collar with ClicLock Buckle

Herm Sprenger

$69.99 - $84.99
SKU: HS5005024-P

Prong Collar | K9 Obedience Training | Ultra-Durable Construction

Herm Sprenger's new patent-pending Neck-Tech Sport Stainless Steel Collar with ClickLock Buckle has been getting great reviews, and our customers have been asking for it, so here it is. Like most pinch collars, Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech collars are completely adjustable. By removing or adding Neck-Tech links, you can simply train through the growth of your dog without having to purchase a larger size.

Both the links and ClickLock buckle of the NeckTech sport collar are made of Stainless Steel, making it a great collar for all training situations and environments. Because of the saltwater resistance and the rust proof characteristics, it will serve your dog for many years showing no signs of corrosion. The slider portion of the ClickLock buckle, which protects the push buttom from unintended release, is made from high-quality UV resistant and salt-water proof plastic components, for long lasting durability.

We offer this adjustable collar in a 19" (for 17" neck) and 24" (for 22" neck) length, for convenience. However, they are adjustable for neck sizes as small as 12", and for dogs up to 143 lbs. The Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech Sport Collar Extra Links are sold separately, in pairs of two. Each link adds approximately 1.25" to the overall collar length.

Note: Differing fur length and thickness has little to no impact on the performance or comfort of Neck-Tech prongs.

Product Features:
  • Adjustable sizing by removing or adding Neck-Tech links
  • Gently corrects pulling, tugging, and other undesirable behaviors during training
  • Applies pressure equally across the whole neck circumference
  • Prongs are blunt and carefully polished not to harm you dog
  • Allows for quick action and correction of your dog’s behavior
  • The slider in the buckle protects the push button from unintended release
  • Has a more discreet look than a standard pinch collar
  • Stainless Steel components are corrosion resistance and easy to clean and maintain

Check out our Prong Collar Comparison blog and video for a detailed review of the Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech Stainless Steel with ClicLock Buckle!

Formally titled Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech Stainless Steel with ClicLock Buckle

Black, Silver
Stainless Steel
ClicLock, Buckle, Metal Buckle
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