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Ray Allen Tug Dangler: K9 Reward Holder

Ray Allen Tug Dangler: K9 Reward Holder

Aug 31st 2022

Time is of the essence when you’re a K9 handler, and every movement you make needs to have a purpose. Wasting any time fumbling for a piece of K9 gear could mean you’re putting yourself or your working dog in danger.

The Ray Allen Tug Dangler is our newest piece of equipment designed to help K9 police and military units save precious time while they’re in the field.

Keep Your K9 Equipment On Your Plate Carrier

The Tug Dangler is a pouch for dog reward tugs that attaches directly to your plate carrier, just like a pouch designed to hold extra magazines, emergency medical supplies, or anything else you keep on your tactical vest.

Thanks to the Tug Dangler’s sleek design, your reward tug will stay out of the way when you’re on duty or working with your K9 during a bite training session. When you compare this scenario to carrying a bulky dog tug in the pocket of your tactical pants, buying the Tug Dangler is a no-brainer.

If you’re accustomed to carrying additional reward toys when you’re in the field, be sure to check out our MOLLE Kong Ball Pouch. This dog ball pouch clips on your pants or K9 Trainer's Belt for fast access to your dog ball during training or playtime.

Dogs Want Their Tug Toys ASAP

Even the most well-behaved dogs can get incredibly antsy when they’re expecting a reward. Using the Tug Dangler is the best way to prevent your K9 partner from getting worked up while waiting for a reward!

We crafted the Tug Dangler to open in a single motion. So instead of fumbling to get your dog’s reward toy out of your pocket or backpack, all you need to do is pull open the front flap of your Tug Dangler and give your dog their reward.

Your dog will love getting their reward tug as soon as possible. And you’ll love how simple it is to put your dog’s reward away. Holstering a tug is as easy as rolling it up in the pouch and securing it with the piece’s two retention straps.

Save On Qualifying Tugs When You Buy The Tug Dangler

But wait; there’s more! While the Tug Dangler is compatible with any 12” Ray Allen dog tug, you can SAVE 10% on a Syntek Tug, Berry Compliant Tug, Purple Bite Suit Tug, or Bite Suit Tug when purchased with the Tug Dangler.

So if you’re in the market for a new reward toy, consider purchasing one of these high-quality tugs along with our Tug Dangler.

Why Ray Allen?

For over 70 years, Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality dog gear for K9 handlers and their partners right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

From reward toys to harnesses, collars, leashes, and more, our handmade, military-grade equipment is the go-to choice for police officers, military units, dog handlers, and trainers worldwide.

So when you need the best for your working dog, look no further than Ray Allen.

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