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The Jaded Dog Trainer: “Come”, Means Run Away!

The Jaded Dog Trainer: “Come”, Means Run Away!

Jan 17th 2024

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our friend, The Jaded Dog Trainer. But he’s back this week, and although he doesn’t typically give dog training advice, he has to get something off of his chest.

He’s sick and tired of seeing owners yelling for their dogs to “come” while actively chasing after them! Let’s dive in and break this down a bit further.

What Does Chasing Your Dog Mean to Them?

Picture this: a well-meaning trainer is out in an open field with his young, energetic (but not necessarily well-trained) dog. Since it’s a nice day out, the dog trainer decides it's a great day for recall training. But the dog doesn’t necessarily agree with the day’s training agenda.

So, instead of listening to his trainer’s commands, the dog darts away. Frustrated at his dog’s behavior, the trainer starts yelling “Come!” or “Stop!” while chasing his dog around to ensure he doesn’t get lost or run off into oncoming traffic.

Chasing after a dog and yelling for them to “come” makes sense to us. After all, we don’t want our dogs to run into oncoming traffic or get lost somewhere. But to a dog, getting chased is a game. And the “come” command loses its purpose and starts meaning “chase me!”

Obviously, that’s no good. The commands your dog learns need to remain commands so they can’t be misinterpreted any other way, regardless of how your dog is feeling in the moment.

So, simply stop chasing your dog! When properly trained, we guarantee that your dog will listen to you and obey their given command.

What Should You Do After You “Catch” Your Dog?

After you finally manage to corner your dog or once they obey their command and come back, your first reaction is likely to scold them. Saying “bad dog” is a natural reaction, right? After all, they didn’t obey, so they deserve a punishment.

But your dog doesn’t see that in the same way as we do. After this scenario occurs multiple times, “come” equals getting in trouble. So, you know what? They’ll never obey that command again!

The moral of the story? Training your dog requires patience, consistency, and a strategy that doesn't involve turning into an impromptu track star or punishing dogs for bad behavior that you caused.

If you’re feeling lost in the world of dog training, remember that there are nearly an unlimited number of resources out there. YouTube, professional trainers, and yes, even rants from The Jaded Dog Trainer are at your disposal.

And for those of you with working dogs who really need to nail this training for more than just the convenience of a well-behaved pet, check out Ray Allen Manufacturing. Because when it comes to working dogs, we know our stuff, and we're here to help (minus the chasing).

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