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The E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar | Discrete All-in-One Training Collar

The E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar | Discrete All-in-One Training Collar

Mar 1st 2023

Are you exploring your options for a tough, American-made dog collar that can not only discreetly and securely hold your K9’s e-collar, but reduce the number of collars that you put on your dog? Lucky for you, we offer the best solution on the market, with one of our top-selling products. Meet the E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar. Sturdy, easy to put on, and built for maximum e-collar contact, our 2.0 design delivers the ultimate in comfort and durability.

Reinventing How Dogs Wear E-Collars

We launched the first iteration of the E-Lusive dog collar years ago thanks to a request from a good friend of the Ray Allen team. He wanted a solution for securing his K9’s e-collar, while also being able to attach other devices and patches without having the dog collar look too bulky.

The first design consisted of a pouch, two e-collar receiver contact holes, and several other valuable features. However, we discovered a point of improvement that needed to be made to ensure proper e-collar contact. Select  e-collar receivers had contact points that were too short to reach through to dogs’ necks, which led to a somewhat inconsistent experience.

Fast forward to the release of our  E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar. Whether you choose to use a Dogtra E-Collar or Garmin E-Collar, or E-Collar Technologies brand of e-collar, we guarantee that this design will always maintain proper contact.

Seamlessly hiding your chosen e-collar receiver, this design fits neck sizes between 16-25”. The actual collar width is 1.75", with options for the e-collar attachment in either 3/4” or 1” sizing. Most Dogtra e-collars require the 1" width, but the Dogtra 280c, Dogtra IQ, and Garmin models require the 3/4" collar. Similarly, most E-Collar Technologies receivers are compatible with the 3/4" option.

We sell this dog collar in four different colors, black, coyote, gray, and ranger green. But another neat feature is the exterior hook-and-loop VELCRO® that allows handlers to attach ID panels, morale patches, or department patches. Check out our full line of dog patches to customize your new e-collar cover.

The Difference Between the E-Lusive 2.0 Collar and the Mini E-Lusive Collar

We currently carry both the E-Lusive 2.0 Collar and the Mini E-Lusive Collar. We even wrote a separate blog about the Mini E-Lusive. But how do these similar e-collar cover designs differ?

Put simply, the 2.0 has better hardware, and the option of a handle vs. no handle design. Aside from these differences, the E-Lusive 2.0 Collar and the Mini E-Lusive share many of the same attributes.

What are the advantages of having an e-collar cover with a handle? Owners with larger dogs tend to find that the handle option gives them better control. This added control is ideal for reaching training goals more quickly and efficiently.

Learn More About Buying a New E-Collar

It’s important to note that the E-Lusive 2.0 ID Collar does not come with an e-collar receiver or transmitter. And since buying a new e-collar isn’t as easy as it may seem, we put together a few handy materials to ensure you’re making the right purchasing decision.

We designed an easy-to-use, highly-detailed E-Collar Comparison Chart with product specifics on the most popular e-collar models. And if you want a little more information about E-Collars in general, check out our Ultimate Guide to Dog E-Collars.

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