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Rex Specs Ear Pro: K9 Hearing Protection

Rex Specs Ear Pro: K9 Hearing Protection

Jan 19th 2022

As every K9 handler knows, a dogs’ hearing is far superior to ours. Without getting into all the scientific details, dogs can pick up sounds from four times farther away than we can, and they can also hear noises at much higher and lower frequencies.

While better hearing has benefitted dogs evolutionarily, it does pose problems for working dogs that may be exposed to loud noises. Gunshots, helicopter noises, fireworks, or any other loud sounds that might not bother humans can potentially damage the cells and membranes inside your K9s inner ear and cause permanent hearing loss.

Thankfully, the Ear Pro from Rex Specs is here to save the day.

A Simple and Effective Design

The Ear Pro is designed to do one thing and one thing only: protect your K9’s ears from temporary or permanent damage caused by loud noises.

Unlike other K9 hearing protection equipment, the Ear Pro doesn’t have any awkward straps or buckles that are tricky to fit around your dog’s head. These hood-like protectors are made of a lightweight and breathable four-way stretch fabric designed to easily slip on and off.

All dog handlers need to do is slide the Ear Pros over their dog’s head and get to work. Ear Pros are just as easy to take off when the dog no longer needs them.

Ear Pros feature flexible sound-absorbing padding on both sides of the piece to provide ultimate noise protection over your dog’s ears. Since there are no holes in the padding, the guards will continue working even if they slip slightly off the ear.

There’s no need to worry about purchasing Ear Pros that are either too big or too small for your working dog. Ear Pros only come in two sizes, medium and large, and sizing your K9’s head is as easy as measuring the circumference of their head.

The medium size fits dogs measuring 15” to 17.5,” and the large size fits dogs measuring 17.5” to 21”.

Whether you’re out hunting with your gun dog, on a law enforcement assignment with your police K9, or just watching fireworks with your four-legged friend, Ear Pros are must-have pieces of personal protective equipment for your dogs.

Compatibility with Other Ray Allen Gear

In addition to its effectiveness in the field, one thing we love about the Ear Pro is its integration with other Rex Specs gear.

Ear Pros feature loops designed to hold Rex Specs Goggles for ultimate eye and ear protection for your K9. Ray Allen even sells the two items in a set to keep your dogs in perfect health, so be sure to check out our Rex Specs Goggles and Ear Pro Kit.

Military and police K9s that need to wear muzzles while in the field or during transportation can do so comfortably even while wearing their Ear Pros. Thanks to slim construction and snug fit, muzzles of all sizes easily fit on top of Ear Pros. Depending on the type of muzzle your K9 wears, the head strap can even slide through the loops on the back of the Ear Pro for an always-secure fit.

Why Ray Allen?

Specializing in K9 tactical gear and training equipment, Ray Allen Manufacturing is dedicated to producing the highest-quality, handmade military-grade products for K9 handlers and their dogs.

We’re proud to be the go-to, most trusted brand for police officers, military units, working dog programs, and K9 handlers and trainers worldwide.

With 70+ years of experience and a knowledgeable team of experts, you and your dogs are in good hands when you choose Ray Allen products.