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Ray Allen Cobra Buckle Collar - Ultimate Agitation Collar

Ray Allen Cobra Buckle Collar - Ultimate Agitation Collar

Apr 28th 2020

Ray Allen crafted the Cobra Buckle Nylon Service Collar with working, police and military dogs in mind.

With a load rate of 7,000 lbs., our double-layered  dog collar is made from 3-inch webbing which weaves back onto itself and decreases contact pressure on a dog’s neck, as compared to a single-layer collar. Dogs primed for agitation work or takedown of a combative suspect cannot risk a neck injury or prolonged pressure.

This collar is meant to withstand pulling and handling with your dog’s comfort as priority. You can gear up your dog for a forward drive and know he will be able to endure repeated lunges safely when rushing to the end of the leash. The nylon serves as shock absorption and teaches your dog to respond through and not fear the pressure, and looks slick even in civil drive.

Nylon was chosen for its breathability, flexibility in movement, and because it can hold up against water and humidity. The wide nylon surface has 1 ¾ wide VELCRO® around the collar to fit 2-inch placards, ideal for adding service patches and identification, and it is available in coyote black and ranger green color options for camouflage or to meet uniform specs.

The Cobra buckle is a simple yet specially-designed piece of hardware that plays well with the comfort from the nylon. It is wide and is meant to lay flat as to not poke or prod into your dog. This buckle won’t accidentally unlatch, whether your dog is in an attack scenario or raring to go. Regardless of how you route your leash along the dog’s body or how intensely the decoy or suspect is fighting back, the Cobra buckle cannot come undone unless both ears are deliberately pressed. However, it is made to be released under tension, even one-handed, so if your dog needs to be freed or the collar removed during training, a fight, or chewing, it can quickly release. The buckle itself is made of stainless steel and brass so it won’t rust or wear, and the D-ring will not snap or warp against pulling.

The durability and sleekness of this collar makes for an easy transition to everyday wear. It is a great product for multi-dog households where your dogs may roughhouse and tug at each other’s collars, or active dogs who tear through wooded areas or spend any length of time in water or mud while camping, fishing, or running around.

Crafted with larger dogs in mind, the collar expands from 14”-26” and easily fits a Doberman, GSD, or Malinois, so you can have confidence that you can securely handle the toughest or largest K9 partners.

On our Youtube channel, Matt from Ray Allen shows you the durable Cobra Buckle Collar.

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