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PL1650 Pelican Case for Storing & Transporting K9 Equipment

PL1650 Pelican Case for Storing & Transporting K9 Equipment

Jul 27th 2022

Helmet, goggles, flashlights, and even your sensitive scent detection training equipment are just a few of the many pieces of tactical gear that professional dog trainers and handlers need when they travel with their K9s. As you can imagine, storing and transporting that K9 equipment can be a huge burden. Thankfully, we offer the PL1650  Pelican Case.

Efficient Storage For All Of Your K9 Gear

In our opinion, there’s no point in owning an equipment case that can’t hold all of your gear. Buying a case that won’t fit everything is just a waste of your hard-earned money. Trust us; that won’t be an issue with the Pelican Case.

The interior dimensions of the Pelican Case are 28.57" x 17.52" x 10.65, making it one of the roomiest equipment cases on the market. The large interior is perfect for harnesses, leashes, a K9 Helm Helmet, and even a NARC case for scent work. And the possibilities don’t stop there!

The Pelican Case can hold any personal trainer gear you need in the field. From tactical pants to an extra pair of shoes, you can keep your trainer gear in the case.

Ultimate Gear Protection

Haphazardly tossing your dog gear in the back of your car or even storing it in an everyday backpack is bound to lead to trouble. There’s no telling what kind of damage your gear will sustain in those conditions, and you’re even in a situation where you could get robbed.

This hardshell case is manufactured to be crushproof, and the solid O-ring under the lid keeps the interior watertight and your equipment protected from outside contaminants.

When it comes to protecting your dog gear from any would-be thieves, the Pelican Case has you covered. We outfitted the case with seven double-throw latches that click down for secure closure and two places for padlocks for your peace of mind.

Easily Bring Your Gear Everywhere

Keeping your K9 gear safe and secure was a top priority while designing the Pelican Case. But our product design team knows that an equipment storage case is a huge burden unless it’s easy to tote around.

With mobility and travel in mind, we outfitted the Pelican Case with a retractable extension handle and four wheels. It’s just as easy to bring along as your carry-on suitcase. In fact, the case is also FAA-approved, so you can bring it with you the next time you need to go on a long trip.

The Pelican Case Keeps You Organized On The Go

Whether you’re traveling across the country or across town, you want to keep the gear inside your Pelican Case neatly organized. Be sure to check out our Pelican Case Lid Organizer for additional organizational options!

This organizer has a variety of zippered pockets that can hold smaller K9 equipment like E-Collars and dog muzzles. The organizer also has a pocket designed to hold notebooks and pens for K9 handlers who need to jot down some notes during training.

Why Ray Allen?

For over 70 years, the team at Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality, military-grade products for K9 handlers and their working dogs right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

From harnesses, collars, leashes, wellness supplies, and more, our handmade dog gear is designed to optimize success in the field, which is why we’re the go-to brand for police officers, military units, dog handlers, and trainers worldwide.

When you need the best for your working dog, look no further than Ray Allen.