Nomad Harness Frame™ - Interchangeable Harness System (I.H.S.) - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Nomad Harness Frame™ - Interchangeable Harness System (I.H.S.)

Nomad Harness Frame™ - Interchangeable Harness System (I.H.S.)

May 26th 2020

Ray Allen Manufacturing is excited to present to you our patented Nomad Interchangeable Harness System™.

This Nomad harness frame has been heavily field tested and designed to accommodate a tracking piece, patrol piece, ballistic piece, and a Swiss seat, providing for military K9s, police units, and working dogs. Use with body capes or as a standalone functioning harness.

(See Nomad harness demonstration on our Youtube channel here.)

The Nomad has three handles along the back, two horizontal handles for lifting your police or military K9 and one middle ‘suitcase’ handle for control; grab these molle handles to get your dog quickly up through a window, over a fence, into an attic, or out of a plane.

The two D-Rings on the harness back function with the same concept- attach clips to the front or back for running leads, lift straps, or tracking lines. The positioning feeds the line off the base of the tail or off the front end of the dog’s body.

(See handles at 0:48)

Four GT Cobra buckles, load-rated at 500 lbs., tie the harness together. Four were included because if a dog is loaded with only two buckles, the harness tends to shift around and will pull and twist to where the weight sits. Four buckles help to balance the weight and fit of the equipment.

(See buckles at 1:21)

The buckles are quick-release, and the harness comes off over the dog's head to prevent any fumbling while lifting the dog’s legs through the harness straps. The Y-piece at the front has two adjusters made of metal for durability and strength, and the D-Rings have been sewn into the mil-spec webbing. There isn’t a single piece of webbing that is not continuously looped throughout the harness platform for cohesion and stability. This harness is perfect for training aggressive pullers or dogs in drive, as you can be sure the handles or rings won’t snap.

Our base unit comes with the harness and one patrol cape, which has been contoured with VELCRO® and large slits for buckles to weave through for easy attaching and easy release.

Each modular system has the same layout so there is no no learning curve and the same quality and feel between equipment types.

(See cape at 3:18)

The capes are made for interchangeability with various colors to keep your K9 looking sharp; you can pair a coyote cape with a ranger green body for style to match uniform specs. There is ample VELCRO® and MOLLE paneling throughout for ID Panels and placards.

This harness comes in three sizes, and the large is made for larger breed working dogs like GSDs. We also carry nylon harness extension straps that add up to 5” of girth to the Nomad Frame with GT Cobra Buckles (not the metal Cobra buckle version) for full range of motion. All harnesses are fully adjustable and tighten to be a snug fit.

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