Latigo and Mil-Spec Leather Collars - Military and Working Dogs - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Latigo and Mil-Spec Leather Collars - Military and Working Dogs

Latigo and Mil-Spec Leather Collars - Military and Working Dogs

May 12th 2020

Ray Allen products have been a staple for military and working dog handlers for over 70 years because of our dedication to consistency and quality. We have been manufacturing our products and sourcing our materials right here in the U.S. since our founding, and our Latigo and Mil-Spec leather dog collars are no exception.

These double-layered leather collars are crafted from Northern cowhide. The grain from this resilient stock makes for a tighter, thicker, heavier, leather, and therefore a more durable collar. We’ve been sourcing from the same trusted tannery and utilizing the same ranches since around the time our founder Ray Allen and his wife Frankie established their Saddle and Harness business in Colorado Springs. When the Mule Division of the United States Army at Camp Carson chose to relocate near Ray Allen’s shop, Ray struck up a partnership with them, providing the army with handmade tack products. And in the early ’50s, Ray was asked to assist the Mule Division by providing some basic leather K-9 products for their Sentry Dog program, and from then on, every K-9 Corps trainee was given a dollar and directions to Ray’s shop to buy his leash and collar, leading to the indispensable relationship between Ray Allen craftsmanship and a military-standard of specifications.

These military and police leather dog collars are comprised of two layers of leather, double-stitched together. Our collars are unique because we have looped the D-Ring right into the layers, so even if the leather is worn or chewed down, the D-Ring does not come off and the collar remains strong. Though this is an added benefit, these collars are guaranteed to be heavy duty, so the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. Leather only gets better with age, and these collars can be cleaned and conditioned semi-monthly to keep it flexible and looking slick.

These beautiful collars come in black, grey, or burgundy, so you can match this collar for work or play, and they measure from 20” up to 25” to grow with your dog. We make them with or without a handle, for added control of your K9 for use in agitation or tracking work.

The MilSpec collar is designed specifically for military use (MIL-C-1161 or NSN 3770-00-951-6418), and the D-Ring on the Latigo Leather Collar automatically places its handle where you connect your lead, for fast, easy, professional-grade handling.

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