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K9 Spotlight: Constance Baker and Kracken

K9 Spotlight: Constance Baker and Kracken

May 21st 2022

K9 Spotlight Winner: Constance Baker & Kracken

Constance Baker & Kracken
Deputy Sheriff, K9 Trainer // Working Dog

Story was submitted by Steve Estrada, on behalf of Constance Baker.

"Constance Baker is my partner in our German Shepherd Breeding Program. We are based in Arizona & Southern California. Constance's business is  KnightwatchK9 training. Constance trains everything from pet companions for the public, to K9 detectionpersonal protectionPolice K9's, also trains k9's for Veterans. Constance's personal dogs are Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.

Constance is a real wonder as her achievements indicate. "The proof is in the pudding!" After, or in spite of, a difficult and very rough beginning in life, she found love and support working with dogs. Many can identify with this passion.

Constance is a Patrol Deputy Sheriff in AZ, active reserve U.S. Army company Captain, a Krav Maga practitioner, a Certified Police Decoy (Adlerhorst) American Politiehund Association APA/KNPV, PH1 decoy (only qualified female in U.S.) UScA United Schutzhund club of America certified decoy. And that's just with K9s! She has also recently pursued her pilots license, looking for aircraft to transport K9's and expand her business.

She might be called an over achiever, yet she is very qualified for anything she pursues, and is just an all around genuine person. Her ability to communicate with (read) dogs is obvious. Having a female touch is sometimes a plus, as not to over handle dogs, without conflict.

We strive to breed and post the best K9 suited for each individual that hires us. Our breeding program centers on balanced temperament with high tractability. Seminar and workshop are part of Constance's repertoire within her schedule of working police dogs. I write this on her behalf as her partner as she is too humble to do so.”

Their Gear: "Double layer leather harness - multi function, utilitarian, quality construction. Easily adjustable, likely last a lifetime."

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K9 Spotlight Winner: Constance Baker & Kracken.      K9 Spotlight Winner: Constance Baker & Kracken