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K9 Emergency Medical Equipment - Rescue Essentials

K9 Emergency Medical Equipment - Rescue Essentials

Feb 8th 2023

Dog handlers need to expect the unexpected while in the field with their K9s. Since there are a variety of things that can go wrong, having a variety of tools and resources at your disposal is a must.

Luckily, our partners at Rescue Essentials have you covered. Read on to learn some more about must-have pieces of dog first aid gear.

K9 Oxygen Mask

While you’ll hopefully never have to use one, knowing how to use this piece of dog first-aid equipment can be lifesaving. Designed to secure around the nose and mouth of your dog, this K9 rescue essential quickly delivers oxygen to dogs facing a respiratory emergency.

K9 oxygen masks are easy to secure and begin delivering treatment. They are also far more affordable and portable than most people imagine, making them easy to carry while on-the-go.

Signs that a dog may need immediate oxygen treatment include unusual shortness of breath, sudden, rapid breathing, a fast heart rate, pain while breathing, or gagging and gasping for air. So if your K9 ever experiences those systems, you’ll be happy you have an oxygen mask in your tactical backpack or  first-aid kit.

K9 Belt Field Kit

Intended to be a simple K9 trauma kit in the event of a serious injury, the Rescue Essentials K9 Belt Field Kit comes with lifesaving items that can be easily used in any location. Every field kit comes with the following:

  • SWAT-T tourniquet: Tourniquet cuts off severe, life-threatening bleeding in both humans and dogs.
  • QuikClot combat gauze: Vacuum packed and designed for temporary use on traumatic bleeds.
  • H&H flat compressed gauze: Standard sterile gauze made to continue the stoppage of bleeding.
  • Pair nitrile gloves (large): Keeps treatment provider safe from blood-borne illnesses.
  • Veterinary information card: Allows for quick and easy retrieval of veterinary information in the event that an internet connection is not available.

This K9 Belt Field Kit is ultra-portable and lightweight, making it convenient to clip onto your K9 Trainer’s Belt.

QuikLitter K9

The QuikLitter K9 is a must-have K9 emergency gurney for all dog owners. These devices are designed to help you carry your dog in the event they are unable to walk due to illness or injury. Even when working solo with large dogs, the weight distribution and sturdy handles make it possible to lift and move your K9 to safety.

Easily slip the QuikLitter K9 onto your dog in a matter of seconds using the four leg holes. Once in place and secured via the attached buckles, you can perform a quick evacuation to safety. Especially when working in a remote locale, a K9 litter can save your dog’s life.

If you’d like to learn more about this gurney, be sure to read our blog about the QuikLitter K9.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality K9 equipment for hardcore dog handlers and their partners right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for over 70 years.

From emergency dog gear to harnesses, leashes, and more, look no further than Ray Allen when you need the best equipment for yourself and your K9.

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