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Goughnuts Heavy Duty K9 Chew Toys

Goughnuts Heavy Duty K9 Chew Toys

Jun 16th 2021

Goughnuts K9 reward toys are awesome! They are heavy-duty dog chew toys, nearly indestructible, safe for dogs, and guaranteed for life! With so many reasons to love 'em, it's no wonder Goughnuts toys are trusted by dog trainers and professionals across the industry.

Goughnuts K9 Reward Toys - Safety First

The Goughnuts K9 chew toys come in a stick shape as well as a donut-ring shape, and you can get them in three different colors coordinated for the type of chewer your dog is. The stick makes a great fetch toy for dogs and is way better for their teeth, mouth, and gums vs a regular old stick.

Normal sticks from trees tend to splinter, which will cut your dog's mouth up. Not to mention, a dog can easily choke on on a stick if they get too excited and start playing more recklessly. With the Goughnuts Maxx stick, you can reward your dog with a much safer reward toy that will never accidentally impale him in the throat!

One of the best features of the Goughnuts chew toys is that they are all manufactured with a safety ring made from a red-colored material inside. So once your dog has chewed into the toy to a certain depth, you'll see this red safety ring underneath the top layer. This is how you know it’s time to replace this toy with a new one.

Color-Coded For Different Dog Chewing Intensity Levels

These K9 reward toys are available in three different colors - orange, green, and black. Each color is intended for a different level of chewing intensity, so if your dog likes to chew, there's a perfect Goughnuts chew toy for him.

Their Black MaXX products are for the serious chewer and made for K9s that have been trained for incredibly strong bite strength, or for dogs that naturally love to chew and have a hard bite.

And perhaps the greatest thing about it is the lifetime guarantee on the chew toys. Goughnuts will replace it for you when your dog chewed down to the safety ring! When you’re ready for a new one, just send it back to Goughnuts and they’ll send you a brand new replacement.

That’s why we love Goughnuts heavy-duty K9 chew toys, and that’s why you’ll love them too.

Get your Goughnuts K9 chew toys from our online store and reward your hardworking dog with these heavy-duty, ultra-safe dog toys now!