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Ray Allen Fi Compatible Modular Collar Mount

Ray Allen Fi Compatible Modular Collar Mount

Jun 15th 2022

As professional K9 handlers know, our team at Ray Allen is committed to designing and manufacturing hardcore dog gear that makes K9 work easier and more efficient for dog handlers and their partners. One of the newest pieces in our collection that does just that is the Fi Compatible Modular Collar Mount.

Works With Many Collar Accessories

We initially designed our Fi Compatible Modular Collar Mount as a collar attachment for headlamps. In low-light conditions, K9 handlers can use the mount to attach a Dual Function Guardian Light or similar Adventure Lights products to their dog’s collar to illuminate the area and see everything their dog sees.

Soon after we started selling the mount for use with headlamps, we were contacted by a police department that wanted to attach their Fi Tracking devices to their dogs’ collars so they’ll always know where their K9s are located.

Thankfully, we were able to accommodate their request! We now carry an upgraded mount featuring two additional attachment points for use with Fi Trackers.

Of course, headlamps and Fi Trackers are just a few of the devices you can pair with our collar mount. Be sure to check out our full line of dog collar accessories to see everything we carry for your dog’s collar.

Even though it was originally designed for collars, this mount isn’t just limited to collars! Our modular collar mount easily attaches to dog leashes, tactical backpack straps, harnesses...just about any type of K9 gear you can think of.

Built with high-quality VELCRO® and durable bungee straps, you can trust that your gear will stay put while you’re out in the field. Fi Trackers, Apple AirTags, and any other small device will be safe and secure on the mount.

Made For Nearly Any Dog Collar For Any K9 Duty

Along with making sure our mount is compatible with a wide range of small collar accessories, we designed this piece so it could be used on most Ray Allen dog collars.

Our 1.5” x 6” mount fits on collars up to 2” in width and works for collars made of nylon, leather, and biothane. The RAM Collar and Cobra Buckle Collar are two popular choices, but your options are essentially limitless.

Because it’s made for any type of collar and has a durable design for use in any conditions, the Fi Compatible Modular Collar Mount is a must-have piece regardless of the type of K9 work you and your partner are doing.

Whether you’re conducting a late-night search and rescue mission and need a headlamp for visibility or are on a hunting trip and need to keep tabs on your hunting dog with a tracking device, you need the Fi Compatible Modular Collar Mount.

A Breeze to Install

All of the K9 equipment we make is designed to be easy for dog handlers to install and use. After all, we know our customers don't want to waste time fumbling around with hard-to-use pieces before heading out into the field.

Our Fi Compatible Modular Collar Mount is no exception. Attaching the mount to your dog's collar only takes a few moments and doesn't require any tools (besides your hands of course).

To attach the mount, quickly open the VELCRO® strip and slide your chosen device onto the piece, making sure that the device is under the bungee retention straps. Once the device is in your preferred location on the mount, tighten the bungee straps to ensure it stays put.

Now that your device is on the mount, open the two VELCRO® straps on the piece and attach the mount to the front of your dog's collar for a secure fit.

With your chosen device attached to the mount and the mount attached to your dog’s collar, you’re ready to head out to work.

Why Ray Allen?

From collar accessories to leashes, harnesses, wellness supplies, and more, Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest-quality, handmade military-grade products for K9 handlers and their dogs for over 70 years.

We’re proud to be the go-to brand for police officers, military units, working dog programs, and dog handlers and trainers looking for durable dog gear made right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.