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E-Collar Technologies: ET-300 Mini Educator

E-Collar Technologies: ET-300 Mini Educator

Jun 14th 2023

In our latest video, we were thrilled to meet with Abegail from Trails & Tails Canine to discuss one of the most effective training tools on the market: the Mini Educator ET-300. Designed to be an exceptionally user-friendly E-Collar, this is a wonderful tool for dog owners and trainers to have for everyday use.

Learn more about the advantages of E-Collar training, and explore what makes the Mini Educator ET-300 unique.

What is E-Collar Training?

E-collar training, also known as electronic collar or remote training, is a training method that utilizes an electronic collar to deliver mild stimulation or vibrations to the dog. The collar is worn around the dog's neck and is controlled by a remote that is operated by the trainer.

The purpose of E-Collar training is to provide clear and consistent communication between the trainer and the dog, reinforcing desired behaviors or correcting unwanted behaviors. It is important to note that E-Collar training should be conducted only by those who know how to properly use the device.

Want an in-depth look at dog E-Collars? Discover everything you need to know in our Ultimate Guide to Dog E-Collars.

What Sets the Mini Educator ET-300 Apart?

The Mini Educator ET-300 from E-Collar Technologies has rapidly become the E-Collar of choice among savvy dog trainers and owners. Praised for its user-friendliness and myriad of benefits, it is easy to see why so many have made the switch to the Mini Educator.

This dog E-Collar has a half mile range, which is suitable for almost any type of work you're doing. It can be used on dogs of all sizes, from five pounds and up. 

For dual training, you can purchase the Two Dog option, which allows you to manage two dogs with one ET-300 transmitter. Control each collar using a circular remote designed to fit naturally into the palm of your hand. Buttons on the remote are easy to access, yet placed in a way to prevent accidental changing of settings.

Dog trainers are especially fond of the "lock and set" feature, which allows for the consistent delivery of stimulation levels between 1 to 100. The collar also provides the ability to set a boost level from 1 to 60. Delivery of stimulation is carried out through two contact points (5/8” and 3/4” for dogs with longer fur). If preferred, the Mini Educator ET-300 allows you to change to tone or vibration remote training as an alternative to stimulation.

Both the RX-090 receiver collar and the handheld remote are waterproof. Other top features include a lanyard for the remote, remote activated LED collar light for enhanced visibility (including strobe and solid settings), lost transmitter locator function, and two hour quick charge for both the transmitter and receiver.

Using the Mini Educator ET-300

Before using the Mini Educator ET-300, it is crucial to understand how to properly use a dog E-Collar. Those who are not experienced in E-Collar training should not attempt to use this device until they’ve been properly educated on its functionality and uses.

In general, we recommend starting with a lower vibration setting on the transmitter before ramping up to a higher level. But just like humans, every dog is different, so it may take some time to figure out the correct vibration setting that gets your dog's attention.

Our blog titled Common E-Collar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them is a great starting place for those who are new to this training tool. Even if you are experienced in using dog E-Collars, always be sure to read the product’s Owner’s Manual before beginning training.

For more information on dog training, be sure to follow Trails & Tails Canine on Facebook and Instagram, and to check out the Trails & Tails Canine website.

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