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Criticism of the E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar... Haters Gonna Hate

Criticism of the E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar... Haters Gonna Hate

Apr 12th 2023

Here at Ray Allen Manufacturing, we’ve been producing the highest quality dog gear and K9 training equipment since 1948. We’ve developed a large following of devoted dog owners and trainers who want the best for their K9s, but it seems like we can never please everyone.

One product that’s received a lot of attention recently from our haters on social media is our  E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar, an innovative dog collar designed to hold and conceal an e-collar receiver, among other benefits.

We believe everyone has a right to voice their opinion… Even if it’s a bad one. So instead of just ignoring what we’re reading in the comment section, we’re going to address our haters’ criticisms and point out what they’re ignoring to recognize.

What the Haters Say

The E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar has over 240 five-star reviews (and counting) on our website. But for every satisfied customer, there are one or two anonymous social media critics with something negative to say. These are a few of the most frequent “complaints'' about this  dog collar.

  • There’s too much stuff: This is one of the top comments we got from the haters. It encompasses the two points below, but we got a lot of complaints saying that the collar essentially has too many features. This is somewhat of a funny complaint since one of the gripes people had about the first version of the collar was that it had too few features. Well, if you don’t want all the features we include in this collar, like VELCRO® panels for pins and patches, just don’t use them!
  • The handle is unnecessary: Some armchair critics don’t like this dog collar because it has a handle. They say it’s unnecessary for a collar designed to conceal an e-collar receiver to have a handle. Well, we disagree! The heavy-duty handle makes the E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar a perfect agitation collar for bite training when YOU ARE NOT using it with an e-collar receiver. And if you don’t want the handle, no problem! We also sell a model that doesn’t have a handle.
  • It doesn’t need a V-Ring: Long-time Ray Allen customers know that we use metal V-rings in all sorts of our harnesses and collars. It’s a perfect attachment point for leashes, leads, and lines. So, we outfitted the E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar with a V-ring. Does a collar designed to hold an e-collar receiver need an attachment point for a leash? Probably not. But is it nice to have the option to attach your dog leash to it? Absolutely! Again, if you don’t want to use the V-ring, don’t. There’s no reason to criticize this collar for having one.
Reasons You’ll Love This Collar

Unless you’re one of the people that’s been complaining on our social media posts, we’re confident you and your K9 partner are both going to love using the E-Lusive 2.0™ Collar.

  • It hides your e-collar receiver: At the end of the day, this collar is designed to comfortably hold an e-collar receiver against a working dog’s neck while concealing it from the general public. After all, there are quite a few folks out there who still don’t agree with using e-collars. With this dog collar, you trust that you won’t get any weird looks from strangers who don’t fully understand e-collar training.
  • It fits many e-collar models: It’s important to note that e-collars are sold separately from the E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar. So when designing this dog collar, we made sure that it would be compatible with e-collar receivers made by the top brands. This collar is compatible with Dogtra, Garmin, and E-Collar Technologies brand e-collars.
  • It reduces bulk: Handlers who use e-collars often put at least one additional collar around their dog’s neck to attach to a leash. Well, as we mentioned, the E-Lusive 2.0™ Collar has a V-Ring and a handle, so there’s literally no other reason to put an extra collar on your dog. Not only is this more comfortable for K9s, but it also saves an owner time and money shopping for an additional collar. If you’re looking for an even slimmer collar that has all the same functionality as the E-Lusive 2.0™ Collar, check out our variations: the Mini E-Lusive™ and the Bungee Mini E-Lusive™ Collar.
  • It’s built to last: Made of Mil-spec webbing and metal hardware, we’re confident that this collar will last for years without getting worn down. We wouldn’t be surprised if you go through several e-collar receivers before you need to buy a new E-Lusive 2.0™ Collar. And since it fits neck sizes from 16” to 25”, working dogs can wear them as they grow from young trainees to adult K9s.

Want to learn some more about our E-Lusive line of dog collars? We have you covered! Check out our other blog posts about them: The E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar | Discrete All-in-One Training Collar, Mini E-Lusive™ Dog Collar | Practical E-Collar Mount For Dogs, and Bungee Mini E-Lusive™ Collar | Added Comfort to Covert E-Collar Training.

Need a New E-Collar?

Once again, the E-Lusive 2.0™ ID Collar doesn’t come with an e-collar transmitter or receiver. You’ll need to purchase those separately! If you’re having trouble deciding which model is right for you, check out our handy  E-Collar Comparison Chart. And if you’d like to know everything about e-collars, read our Ultimate Guide to E-Collars.

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