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Compression Bite Bar Sleeves for Schutzhund Trials

Compression Bite Bar Sleeves for Schutzhund Trials

Nov 4th 2020

Compression bite bar sleeves are essential in any bite training toolkit. This sleeve set is popular amongst our nation's law enforcement and police K9 training officers because they act as a constructive guide for the decoy and a satisfying challenge for the dog, encouraging targeted drive and deep bites, and they can withstand a hard biter without any trouble. Use these sleeves for Schutzhund trials or all-around bite training.

We recommend starting off on the BT50 sleeve. Fitted with a substantial wedge, the dog is forced to open their mouth and get a nice, full grip on the bite bar all the way into the back. We’ve added a crumple zone along the middle that provides a rewarding crush and collapsibility.

As the K9 learns to drive forward into a fuller bite, the decoy- especially younger or beginning bite trainers- will be less likely to jam the dog with this sleeve, as the crumple zone assists in lessening the impact of entry, and having that firm bite bar still allows for testing and hard training. We have designed the sleeve for breathability, so it can stay snug for a realistic bite surface without the decoy getting uncomfortable and losing form.

Once the decoy starts to notice that proper bite compression is developing for the dog, move up to the 9601 sleeve. The wedge is situated a bit differently for dogs to bite harder and grip deeper, accounting for full grip with the satisfaction of a lighter crumple zone.

Our compression bite bar sleeves come in a right and left arm. For maximum control, use a left arm sleeve if you are right-handed and vice versa.

Both sleeves require a sleeve cover. Especially if you are using this sleeve to train multiple dogs, using a cover is an economical way to prolong the life of the sleeve. We carry everything from single-layer jute cuffs with a handle for increased decoy control, to Syntek covers that mirror the fabric in our bite suits for consistency in training and advanced decoy protection.