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Breaking Down the Jute Intermediate Handled Sleeve

Breaking Down the Jute Intermediate Handled Sleeve

Dec 2nd 2020

Ray Allen's  Intermediate Handled Sleeve (30C) is by far our most versatile all-around bite sleeve. The 30C offers optimum comfort and safety for the decoy, and really shines when used in training both young dogs and older, more aggressive K9s. Younger dogs early in training will benefit from a spacious bite area when honing their skills, and upper arm protection keeps the handler safe from inexperienced bites that don't quite hit their target. The high quality jute construction and outer handle, on the other hand, allow more control over older, experienced K9s. 

The outer handle is also perfect for pulling against the dog or for leash attachment to release and distance the sleeve from the decoy, depending on the type of drive you're looking to achieve. Keep in mind, it is important to use the leash handle for sleeve attachment as opposed to the clip, as dogs can easily bite the clip or get hit by it. To achieve this, simply thread the leash under the sleeve handle and then loop the clip end through the leash handle. We recommend using a strong lead for bite training, like the Tubular Nylon Police Lead.

Most of  our bite sleeves are built as one unit, with the ability to add or replace sleeve covers as needed. The 30C has the added benefit of having the bite bar, sleeve and handle all built into one piece. If the 30C gets aggressively used and the bite bar is compressed or damaged, the 30C itself can be replaced as opposed to the entire bite sleeve. It easily laces into the top of the bite sleeve, making replacements quick and painless. 

To learn more about how to put a sleeve cover on your bite sleeve, or to find the best bite sleeve for you, visit our Ray Allen blog.