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Backwoods Destructive Testing: Leather Dog Leashes

Backwoods Destructive Testing: Leather Dog Leashes

Jul 22nd 2020

Ray Allen’s resident product demonstration guy and minor Youtube celebrity Matt gave some of our best leather leashes the Southern Hospitality treatment when he performed some major destructive testing to show the true integrity of our products. Matt put our leashes through the ultimate wringer with a few ‘backwoods’ techniques to prove their durability. No artificial stress tests in a laboratory for us. This is the real deal to see how our leashes handle the destruction.

First, Matt did a little trap-shooting with a knotted up leather working lead. After a few hits, the birdshot had penetrated the leather and created weak points throughout the leash. Once weakened, Matt strapped the leash to a hay bale and pulled it taught with a trailer. Unfortunately, the leash snapped almost instantly where there were multiple bullet holes. While we would like to boast that our leash held up even with bullet wounds, this is why you should discourage your dog from chewing on his leash. Always keep an eye out for tears or holes, and replace when your leash begins to fray to ensure total integrity and strength.

Next, Matt macgyvered a pull test on our leashes using a winch and shackle, and created a whole lot of tension with a load cell. He first executed the test on our ¾” slot-braided leather leash. We kept a load cell device running to measure the full tension exerted on the leash before its breaking point. Matt backed up his car with the winch attached to the leash and was able to push it to a full 628 lbs. of pressure before the leash snapped in the middle. This was a unique place to see the leash break, as we would normally expect to see the leash separate at the hardware attachment points, where the integrity of the leather is interrupted by the mechanisms sewn through it. Getting 628 lbs. of pull is a testament to the wear and tear our leashes can take from your dog, regardless of how hard he pulls against the leash when walking or on duty.

Next Matt tested our ⅞”  stitched and riveted leather leash. A bit heavier duty than our slot-braided, we typically see this used as a patrol leash. Matt was expecting the leash to break at the contact point of the 1-inch bolt snap, but again the hardware held up. The stitched and riveted snapped at 768 lbs., in the middle of the leather, and our stitching points held fast. Yet more proof of the quality and durability of these leashes, where realistically your working dog would not be pushing 700 lbs. of pressure when pulling or agitated. Finally, we tested our twist-braided leather leash, with stitching at the end. This leash is a thinner width than the stitched and riveted, and Matt managed to stretch it to a whole 740 lbs. before this leash broke at the weak points of its hardware.

Ray Allen is proud to conduct these kinds of destructive tests to show you just how much our craftsmanship holds up to a beating.

Check out all of our leather leashes and let your canine do some testing of his own! Or, if you'd like to learn more about all of your leash options, read our Ultimate Guide to Dog Leashes Leads & Lines!